Friday, 13 July 2018

Trying a moonport tile

This morning, having (for a change) woken up at quarter-TO-stoopid-o'clock, I trialled a layout for the moonport tile I'm planning for Lunar Wars and you can see it to the right

The containers (3cm mdf cubes) and the landing pads are both from Mad Mecha Guy (MMG), while the resin building is from The Ion Age. I have some bigger containers that I think I'll use as a 'blast wall' between the two pads

I also dug out some of the mdf furniture that I'd previously got from MMG to see what that would look like for my sub-surface tiles and I'm pleased with them - more things to paint!

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Not much ... diceframes

For my Lunar Wars project, using Nordic Weasel Games' No Sight system, I need a way to track Stress on the leaders of the troops.

frames on bases - exciting ...huh?
I knew I had a bunch of dice frames somewhere, but could I find them?  Like hell I could, but eventually I managed to, and I even had some bases with them the right size for sticking them too!

So this morning, having woken up at quarter-past-stupid-o'clock again, I glued them together:
So, another step on the road to finishing a project - if such a thing exists!

That is probably more than I need for Lunar Wars, and I'll use the balance for the Burma figures I think

Monday, 9 July 2018

Progress and a distraction ...

I've made some more progress on my Lunar Wars project, getting the GZG UNSC hardsuit marines stuck to bases and undercoated

While the undercoat was drying yesterday, I got distracted and started to rebase my 15mm Peter Pig Japanese.  I've been reading Just Jack's Island Hopping with the Old (Lead) Breed blog and been deeply inspired to do something similar with my Japanese & 14th Army figures in Malaya and then Burma ... something that is as unlikely to get done as any of my other projects, but I  live in hope!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Lunar Wars - Terrain

I finally managed to take some pictures of the terrain boards I've made for the Lunar Wars project; to the right is a group shot of the six I've made - each is a 9mm mdf square. In the middle of the pic is a 15mm GZG moongrunt figure to give a sens of size. All these boards need now is a coat of matt varnish

 To the left is a close up of the same figure, in the same place as in the first pic. I have to say that I'm very pleased with how these boards have come out, although now I look at the pics, I think I'm going to add some taller crater walls to the next batch
 As well as the Lunar surface boards, I'm going to make some smaller boards to allow conflict in sublunar tunnels; to the right is the prototype for these boards, which are 15cm squares
And finally, a WIP shot of the Lunar base tile, which shows how I've been making the craters shown in the first and second pics. The building are from The Ion Age 15mm terrain range

Lunar Wars Rules

Lunar Wars · Post The Rules That I'll Use Posting as cmnash I've decided to use - or at least start with - Nordic Weasel Games' No Stars in Sight with some elements of their No End in Sight rules ported in.

Both rulesets use the same system (called the 'In Sight' system by NWG) with 'No Stars' being the SF version while 'No End' is for Cold War / 'Modern' conflicts. To emphasise that I'm using a hybrid, I've decided to call my version 'The Earth in Sight' or TEiS

There are a couple of differences between them though, which is why I'm using a hybrid. I'm going to list the changes I'm making for TEiS here & will put a page on the blog to collate changes as I add, amend or even remove changes. So far they are:

  • Remove 'permanent' stress as per No End
  • The activation of a leader is a phase - when all leaders 'exhausted' the 'turn' is over
  • Micro-Gravity
    • Competence - all troops are either 'Skilled' or 'Unskilled' with the micro-gravity of Luna
    • Jumping - figures can jump obstacles of upto twice their height as part of their movement
      • Unskilled - if over their height, subject to reaction fire & if fired upon are pinned upon landing
    • Base Move - Skilled add 1"
    • Rushing - use d10 for rushes
      • Unskilled - if roll more than distance to destination will be pinned at end of move, but have option to move full roll
    • Grenade Throwing - ALL thrown grenades scatter; use d12 for direction
      • Unskilled scatter 1d8"
      • Skilled scatter 1d4"
    • Grenade Launching - may scatter short or long
      • Unskilled - d6; 1-2 short d6", 5-6 long d8"
      • Skilled - d6; 1-2 short d4", 5-6 long d6"
    • Smoke Grenades - 3" radii; place marker/token next to smoke cloud; at end of turn remove all smoke without a marker, remove marker from those that have one
  • Hard Vacuum - any casualty (i.e. unresolved hit) at the end of the turn is killed

LW - Problem ... or Opportunity?

I bought Brigade Models' armoured PacFed infantry platoon, combined with GZG's UNSC backpacks to use as Timonistani infantry, but after they both arrived I found that the PacFed infantry's shoulder pads would need major remodelling to get the backpacks to fit them ...

So, I've decided to get some of GZG's UNSC in hardsuits for Timonistan's troops instead & use the PacFed infantry for more conventional 15mm SF gaming instead.

I am trying to view this as an opportunity though, as it means that I'll be able to further differentiate the Timonistan troopers from their enemies and creating differences between the various forces is one of the objectives that I have for this project. I think it would help to elaborate on some of the differences that I have established so far:

  • Iskanderan - small squad size (of 7), no AT weapon in squad, SAWs, standard weapon is Assault Rifle, 'sniper' at platoon level
  • Pumbaskayaan - large squads (13), AT weapons in squad, no SAWs, standard weapon is 'light automatic weapon', no 'snipers'
  • Timonistani - average squad size (10), AT weapon in squad, SAWs, standard of Assault Rifle, 'sniper' at squad level,  UNSC 'hardsuits' makes them 'armoured'
If you look at the Platoons blog post, you'll see that I've varied the ratings of each force as well, but I'll cover that when I post about the rules I intend to use, which will also help to quantify the differences I listed above .

Lunar Wars - Platoons

I've drafted some TO&Es for the Lunar Wars era platoons and I thought I'd share them

Timonistani Platoon - rating Professional'; Normal Motivation; Skilled; Brigade PacFed
  • Command Section (4)
    • Platoon Commander (Assault Rifle)
    • Platoon NCO (Assault Rifle)
    • Platoon Systems Operative (Assault Rifle)
    • Medic (Pistol)
  • 4 x Section (10)
    • Section Leader (Assault Rifle)
    • Support Team
      • Team Leader (Grenade Launcher)
      • Anti-Tank Weapon (ATGW, SMG)
      • Designated Marksman (Scoped Rifle)
    • Fireteam x2
      • Team Leader (Assault Rifle)
      • SAW Gunner (SAW)
      • SAW #2 (Assault Rifle)

Iskanderanian Platoon - rating Trained; High Motivation; Unskilled; GZG Chinese
  • Command Group (5)
    • Platoon Commander (Assault Rifle w. UGL)
    • Platoon Systems Operative (Assault Rifle w. UGL)
    • Medic (Pistol)
    • Designated Marksman x2 (Scoped Rifle)
  • Support Group (5)
    • Group Leader (Assault Rifle w. UGL)
    • Rocketeer x2 (RPG SMG)
    • Rocket Launcher #2 x2 (Assault Rifle)
  • 3x Combat Group (7)
    • Group Leader (Assault Rifle w. UGL)
    • Fireteam x2
      • Team Leader (Assault Rifle w. UGL)
      • SAW Gunner (SAW)
      • SAW #2 (Assault Rifle)

Pumbaaskayan Marines - rating Professional; Normal Motivation; Skilled; GZG US Marines
  • Platoon HQ (4)
    • Platoon Leader (Light Automatic Weapon)
    • Platoon NCO (LAW w. UGL)
    • Platoon Systems Operative (LAW)
    • Medic (SMG)
  • 3x Squads (13)
    • Squad Leader (LAW w. UGL)
    • Support Team x2
      • Team Leader (LAW w. UGL)
      • Grenadier (RPG SMG)
      • Auto-Rifleman (LAW)
    • Maneouvre Team x2
      • Team Leader (LAW w. UGL)
      • Auto-Rifleman x2 (LAW)

New project - Lunar Wars

I've started a(nother!) new project - 15mm science fiction platoon scale battles on Earth's Moon. I succumbed after reading Buckeye's posts about Ground Zero Games' excellent Moongrunt figures. So being me, and having an un-maxed credit card, I bought both of GZG's factions and some of Brigade Models' PacFed infantry.

Originally, I was going to use them to represent British, French & German forces battling on the Moon, but then I thought "Why not use my imagi-nations?" - see the blog The Wars of Turkmenistania

I've put together some platoon TO&Es - see next post - for Iskanderan, Pumbaskayaa & Timonistan, made some terrain boards and hope to have some pics up soon (ish!)