Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Changing Size

As I've decided to go to Vanquish this weekend, I have made the decision to change the size of some of my figures.

I'm taking my 6mm Sumerians & Parthians to the bring & buy there & taking advantage of Newline Designs show offer to get the same armies in 10mm.

As I have a bunch of 10mm fantasy stuff they'll then be compatible with that, along with the addition of a few monsters, Wizards, etc.

That's the cunning plan anyway!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Legionary '17

Legionary is the annual Exeter area wargames convention and as my brother was putting on a display game this year, I dragged my sorry arse out of bed on Saturday morning and made the 2hr drive to see it ...
It had a couple of competitions - I forget what games - and in the pic above you can see one of them going.

Mr brother's game was Warzone : Resurrection (IIRC!) and here are some pics of it

And finally the obligatory loot photo (the box of books was from the bring'n'buy & was £5 for the whole box!):

Thursday, 11 May 2017

This week, I am mostly ...

... painting the bases of my fantasy naval ships ....

I am also planning using my Turkmenisatnia stuff to playtest some new rules I've been given which are for the Russians in Afghanistan. Probably the best named rules I've ever seen, they are called 'Hind and Seek' and seem really good. I am really looking forward to trying them out and actually playing something!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Insure your figures!

Back in this post in September last year, I rambled on about insuring wargames figures and the need to catalogue them to do that ...

Anyway, although I can't remember how I found it, this site now exists on the interweb:
Wargamer Collection Calculator
A free site to record your wargames collection. It seems to cater for only land warfare at present - no scales for aerial/naval/space gaming ...

That shouldn't in anyway detract from a hobbyist produced free site - IMO

Did I mention it was free?

Thursday, 27 April 2017

FFT3 - taken the plunge ...

I've long been eyeing the modern ruleset Fistful of Tows 3 - it seems very popular with bloggers all over the place.

However, the seemingly extortionate price on Wargames Vault for it of £30.70 seemed much fairer once I read the review of the rules on the Delta Vector blog. I think this quote had the most effect on my opinion:
The bulk of the book is from the  263 pages of "army lists" - orders of battle for pretty much every country's forces at brigade/regiment scale from 1915 to the present along with vehicles, infantry and weapon details for those forces, as well as detailed rules for designing your own.  This hefty tome is probably the most comprehensive resource of its kind I have come across and would be very useful for other WW2-modern games besides FFT3.
I was also impressed by the arguments of evilleMonkeigh (the blog's author) and have visited to get the coil bound version for myself. At £37.88 (+ P&P) it wasn't that much more than the pdf version.

I'll post more about it when it arrives