Friday, 29 July 2011

ATZ Campaign - the Family

This post was originally published on my zed-gaming blog 'Down Among the Zed Men' on 13-Dec-2010 and is reproduced here as I've closed that blog.

Well, I went through all my unpainted Survivor figures yesterday, as well as all my painted Near-Future stuff and managed to find a couple of figures for the main campaign characters!

I managed to get them painted yesterday (and named!) and have reconstituted the family in my campaign as a result as well as shamelessly ripping-off the family name!

So without further ado, I give you:

The Osterhagen Family
 Dad (Winston), Mum (Jenny), Big Sis (Alyx) and Little Sis (Katie)

I changed Peter for Alyx because I think the Alyx figure is so much cooler! Mum and Dad are both from Copplestone's Citizen Militia 2 pack (the one with Vampifan in it) while the kids are both Hasslefree miniatures. I'm going to change the gun that Katie has as I think if she fired the double-barrel it would probably knock her off her feet! I might change Alyx's as well not sure yet ...

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