Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Aeronef Model Conversions

Well, work progresses on the altitude bases - I'll do another post on them later in the week - and more aeronef models have arrived from Brigade Models to use with them.

A couple of the models I've got I'm converting and I thought I'd put a post up on them and one conversion that I've done that I'm changing.

First the Rochefort Class Heavy Merchant. This is a pic of the 'vanilla' model from Brigade that I got from here:
 and this is what I've done with it so far:
The broadside guns are from Brigade's Russian Secondary Gun Mounts pack, the turret at the nose is from the US Single Gun Turret pack. As you can see I've moved the superstructure to the front and using plasticard as the surround am building up a rear deck to be a flight deck. The crane in the pic is going to be mounted there and am toying with the idea of suspending a wingcraft* from it.  The model is going to be a combined carrier/sea-wingcraft tender for my Greek 'nef squadron. I'm pleased with how it's going so far, but need to get a better glue! I've knocked the turret off the nose twice already!

Second is the Ottoman Barbaros Heyreddin Battleship; again a 'vanilla' photo of the model that came from here:
You can't see it in the above pic, but the model has 2 turrets on the underside. They are a bit too close together for the altitude stands I intend to use, so I'm changing the model to have the turrets on top:
There are also some gaps between the superstructure and the dig balloons which I filled with DAS clay. I've also used the clay to create a platform for a turret at the front of the model and lengthened the superstructure with plasticard to add the second turret at the superstructure's rear. I'm liking the way it looks so far.
And finally the conversion I'm changing. The base model was the German Köln Armoured Cruiser, a 'vanilla' pic follows, from here:
In the pic below you see the conversion as was on the left and on the right how I've changed it:
I changed the turrets and added a bit of MDF as a flight deck for wingcraft* but was never really happy with it - it didn't seem long enough and the model wasn't deep enough to be a convincing carrier. With the acquisition of the Rochefort I no longer needed the Koln to be a carrier, so I've removed the 'flight deck' and it will now simply be a cruiser.

*- wingcraft is a term introduced in Nick Hawkins' Full Nef rules;I like it and it seems, IMO, to have a more period feel than 'aeroplane' and 'aircraft'

So, that's it for this post. Already got the next couple of posts lined up - Altitude Bases 3 and Another New Project; until next time ...


  1. Those are some great mods Colin. Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Thanks chaps! I undercoated the Rochefort last night and slapped a bit of white on the superstructure. Will post again when I get more done on them