Monday, 22 August 2011

Eastern Front Game with Zombie Ad

So, as I promised earlier today, I've got the pictures I took yesterday at the Eastern Front convention - well the ones that weren't completely blurred anyway! In the pitcures, the layout is all Zombie Ad's hard work - Zombie Ad of The Lead Will Walk The Earth - while the miniatures are mine.  There was one guy, called Doug, who was talking to us - he said he only came when saw there was a zombie game on, which was very gratifying. Anyway, he took a stack of photos and said he'd send them to Ad, so hopefully some more pictures might emerge eventually ...

The layout created by Zombie Ad

The newscrew has set-up and eagerly awaits blood ...

The first victims survivors arrive and start shooting

Closer view of the 4 cowgirls

After fast-moving away from the Hummer

the girls split into 2 pairs; unfortunately all the zeds followed one pair

and it wasn't this pair!

hmmm ... was Shane drunk when he 'turned' perhaps?

ahh ... the zeds have found lunch ...

and they start! in the centre of this slighty blurry pic (sorry!)
is a feast marker ... scratch 1 cowgirl ...

one of the sneaky pair got over-confident just outside their
objective ... oops! Only 2 make it to Andy's ...

zeds have finished lunch ... what happened to dessert?!
you can see that the newscrew have relocated
as they were too far away from the gore ...

discretion being the better part and all that, the last 2 cowgirls took
the back door out of Andy's and found a Merc sitting in the street ...

but they weren't entirely alone ... probably the best time to run out of ammo,
if there is such a thing! [dunno what happened to the colour in this pic :(  ]
The girls managed to reverse off the board and escape - just!!

Layout cleared ready for game 2... initial zeds are placed

At this point some guys came up and asked when the next game was starting - they thought it was a participation and not display game! Always eager to help, I said, 'why not? sure you can have a go' and then, just after they started, I wandered off to spend money I haven't got ... it might have seemed it, but it wasn't deliberate, there was no cunning plan to drop Ad in it - honest!

Ressurected by the mystic power of Zombie Ad, the cowgirls try again ...

Due to my wandering, there are few photos of this game ... the next one has the cowgirls at their target.

the cards were not kind ... there were 3 zombies inside

Hmmm ... I have no idea where the cowgirls were when this next pic was taken ...

and one less cowgirl afterwards ...

the remaining cowgirls made it back to thier hummer, but it proved
difficult to start and they seemed to be attracting an audience ...

They managed to get away in the end ... I think!

I left at this point, but Ad was about to start another game with one of the players from game 2. It was fun and considering that Ad and I had just met, I think we put on a good show ... well Ad did - I heckled more than helped I think!

One thing that came up though ... if a character is in a car and a zed is trying to get them out of it - how is that handled?


  1. many thanks for posting the eye candy - great scenery and minis!

    re the character in a car:

    for the character - two options: sit it out and hope for some cavalry to arrive or hope that the car will start so they can drive off.

    for the zombies - treat it as a barricade maybe?

  2. Colin - These pics tuned out really well. Especially as my other half had the camera for the day. It was a awesome game and we had tons of fun, even if I did keep reveting back to the 2005 rules, whoops :) When asked how often we played togerther and how long it took to plan our display game it was amusing to answer 'Actually, we only met today.'

    Thanks Colin, I had a great time.

  3. Good pictures and report, roll for a grab test, 1 or 2 on a D6 or a D10 if the car is moving or +1 to the dice for every zombie trying to grab driver/passenger.

  4. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I sure wish I could have been there. The scenery looks excellent.

    Re your question, assuming the car is stationary, treat it as a building. The zombies will have to break down the door/window first before they can attack anyone inside.

  5. Brilliant stuff, I was hoping to attend Eastern Front, but unfortunately (real) life got in the way...ho hum...:)

  6. Bloody good. I really liked th comic book feel, using the captions to make the story and the pictures to visualise, the whole thing. Well done.

  7. THanks for all the kind comments guys!

    @Monty - shame you couldn't make it; perhaps you should ask Ad if he's going to do it again next year? if he does, I'll do my damnedest to make it again!