Thursday, 25 August 2011

News to share

Two things I wanted to share with you all ...

First - and most important - is my step-daughter's exam results came through today; she got four A's and six A*'s!  Apparently her English teacher is unhappy with an A and is going to query it as well!! (I don't know if that's Eng. Lit or Eng. Lang).  Well done her, and I am sooo proud of her!! She's worked damn hard at school and it's great to see the investment returned!!

Secondly, I've got another project to add to my list ... well it might count as 2 not sure ...

I bought Qwik from Two Hour Wargames a while ago and have done nothing about it, and I've had my eye on their Red Sand, Blue Sky for a while ... when I was a kid, my Dad had a set of gladiator rules - Rudis IIRC. I never played them and can't remember what they had in them or were like, but I remember wanting to, and have had a hankering to do a gladiator game ever since. Many is the time I've looked at Steve Barber's ampitheatre and almost convinced myself to buy it ...

Anyway, then I read the The Qwik Project post on Irqan's blog and its follow-up Las Vegas Show Juggers displaying how he is converting plastic 1/72 Mayans to be Qwik figures. I hadn't considered using plastics before, but had enjoyed hacking my Wargames Factory plastic zombies about and had a hankering to do some more plastic figure destruction conversions ...

So ... putting this altogether and adding in:
  1. a dose of wanting to try my hand at larger figures (never done aything with figures bigger than 28-32mm scale or whatever it is now ...)
  2. my employers paying me a bonus this month (woo-hoo!!)
I took the plunge and ordered some 1/32 (54mm I believe) plastic gladiators from Model Hobbies. Not one to be unaffected by shiny toy syndrome (STS), I ordered 3 sets:
hoping that this will give me a good selection of gladiators and enough for some Qwikers ... although I did manage to resist STS to avoid getting some WW1 kits to play Wings of War (picked up at the Bring&Buy at Eastern Front last sunday) with my new altitude stands and a 1/48 medevac blackhawk I want for an ATZ game I am semi-planning ...

So, the order was placed about 8pm on tuesday just gone and I've just had an email saying its been despatched. When I get it I'll get some piccies of them up.

All in all, this is entirely the fault of Irqan for doing such a fine job with his Mayans - curse him!!


and is it 2 projects or 1?

Postscript - just forked out for 'Red Sand, Blue Sky' and 'Adventures in the Lost Land' for my VSF stuff as the bonus was burning a hole in my pocket!


  1. Sounds good look forward to seeing some WIP pics

  2. Hey go for it dude. I played ATZ as opposed to converting the quik gang. I'll develop them soon, but come on get the modifications going. Maybe we could hook up for a game of Jugger? Look forward to the pictures.

  3. His Steampunk Rules for Adventures in the Lost Land, etc... are pretty darned good too.

  4. @Brummie - I'll be sure to put some up

    @Irqan - that would be good, as long as I get a bonus for 1/32 figures against 1/72s! where in the UK are you?

    @Varangian - nice to have you here V, and thanks for the tip

  5. Congrats to your daughter.

    Can't wait to see the 54mm gladiators and the blackhawk most :)

  6. Sounds good and good news about your step-daughter.

  7. Thanks guys!

    @Zombie Ad - I think I didn't explain it very clearly ... I managed to resist getting the Blackhawk.

    Anyway, a WIP post on the gladiators later today