Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pictures Demanded - Pictures Delivered

In my last post I described the size of my zombie horde and how I intend to put it to use on Sunday at the Eastern Front show and I was asked for pictures of said horde ... well here they are! Below is what I plan to take with me and below are pictures of some of it in more detail.

First up we have a group shot of the corpses I have made from the Wargames Factory plastic zombies, along with a close up of one that, I hope, shows the detail - or lack thereof - on its face. I'm not saying I could do any better - in fact I doubt I could do this well! - and I'm sure it would be better if I did a better paint job ...

Now we have 4 zombies that I got from Monarch Military Books at a Salute a few years ago, that I refer to as the wierdo-zeds. I think they were from the Occult Wars range but that page on Monarch's site has nothing listed ... anyway, I don't really like these figures as zombies; I think I'll repaint and use as aliens or something

Next up are the 30 Wargames Factory plastic zeds I've made into zeds. As I said withe the corpse above, not my favourites, but they'll do to fill out the ranks and create a horde 'feel' - I hope!

To help with the horde impression - and moving it when needed - I've got these trays - I think they came from ... not sure ... anyway, warbases have always given me great service, so I'll get more from them, I expect.

And here are all the multibases I have populated with the plastics and the 4 wierdo-zeds

Now it's time for some of the zeds I prefer. First, Copplestone's FW4 Plague Zombies. I like these, very nice.

Studio Miniatures Tiny Terrors set, which is the next pic, brings home the horror element that should be a part of all things zed-related, more than any other zed figures I have.

Penultimately for the zed-pics; a group shot of my other Studio Miniatures and Cold War Miniatures zombies. These are all really nice figures and I've enjoyed painting them, which contrasts with the plastics, which were a real chore ...

Last, but not least for the zeds today, a group shot of the entire 'happy' zed family ...

So, onto the other stuff I'm taking. First are the game markers. On the left of the composite pic below, are the feast markers - showing the dice to indicate the number of turns left for the feast, and on the right are the PEFs (Possible Encounter Figures) I made, with a dice to indicate the PEF's rep. Since I put photos of the PEFs on my old blog, I've painted 'PEF' on the back of the figure, but it didn't really come out in the pic .

I'm sure Zombie Ad has enough survivors so I wasn't going to take any, but I really like this little 'gang' of Copplestone's FW33 Urban Cowgirls so I'm going to take them along.

The newscrew below, I'll hoping that Zombie Ad will let me put them on a roof as decorative/observers. Bill & Ben the bodyguard men, can look after the other 3 after all

I don't know how much 'street furniture' Ad has, so I'm taking this little lot along as I'm sure there'll be a use for it.

I made up some jungle markers for my 10mm vietnam stuff, and they double as bushes for the 28s quite nicely I think, so they'll be coming along as well. One of the cowgirls shows what I mean here.

In the street furniture are two of Ainsty Castings' 8051 Shot Up Car. Last time I mentioned Ainsty (on my old blog) the range had been sold by Old Crow but no mention of who to. It seems Ainsty is back up and running which is very good to see - I have a lot of their stuff and it is consistently excellent. Anyway, I've painted these models differently - one with black windows and the other with silver. Which is better do you think? I'm not sure and need help to decide as I want to keep them consistent ...

And that's it for this long post ... let me know what you think!


  1. Absolutly Fantastic and an inspiration. The Urban Cowgirls are a pack i've considered getting and its nice to see them painted up.

  2. Good bloody horde and the bases work, nice collection.

  3. fawsome! (fantastic + awesome)

    You put me to shame with all of my unpainted zombies.

    Who makes the pot plants? Are those Fenris pots with trees stuck in them?

  4. @ Brummie & TAL : thanks guys, but what about the wrecks?! black or silver??

    @ Shelldrake: They are fenris planters indeed, with 1/300th trees in

    @ All : I've added a 'Modern, Near Future and Zombies Gallery' page (link at top right) which has most of the above, plus a bonus pic of my Ragers (they are at the back of the horde photo, but you can't really see them)

  5. Great to see your zombie horde in all its glory. Once you get over 100 figures, any horde is going to look impressive.
    Frankly those 4 weird zombies look awful! Definitely paint them up as aliens or perhaps experimental mutants that have escaped from some government lab. let's be honest, they're always escaping!
    I like what you've done with the WF corpses. It's a great way to use up a lot of sprues.
    I love the Copplestone Cowgirls. I really must get mine painted!
    As for your news crew. putting Fiona next to Bruce just makes me chuckle every time i see them! Inspired naming, Col!
    I've commented on your scenery before and it's all great. I don't blame you for wanting to take it.
    And so to the big question - black or silver windows? I have a few resin vehicles myself and I've painted some with silver glass and some with black glass, which really doesn't help you at all. If I had to choose just one I'd go for black. Sometimes you have to consider the colour scheme of the vehicle and what you think works best. Black glass on a black limo won't provide much contrast but it will look intimidating. Silver glass on the same vehicle gives you a greater contrast but a less sinister vibe. It's one of those questions where there's no right or wrong answer. I'd say the best thing to do is to decide on an individual basis.

  6. Impressive collection my the Horde shot and the corpses are a cool idea, I must do my take on this.....Now I think its time for you too deliver some batreps !!! hehehe

  7. thanks to all for your kind comments!

    @Vampi - I'm glad someone appreciated the newscrew's names!

    @Extraordinarii - what?! are you suggesting that I should actually PLAY a game?! that's a bit risky!!