Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Post ... or not ...

I was going to put together a post last night, but wound up being spellbound by the rolling footage of fires and rioting on BBC News 24 instead.

It's hard to believe that all this is going on in London. I can remember the riots of '85 and the news that the violence is spreading to other cities in England is ... concerning? frightening? not really sure what the correct word to use is ... I guess worrying is most apt.

Anyway, I hope the police decide to act tonight and bring this all to an end.  I spoke to a colleague at work who lives in Croydon - he said that people who lived on the High Street there were having their front doors kicked and their homes ransacked. I'm glad I don't live in one of these areas and feel immense sympathy for the victims and anger toward the perptrators of this inexcusable violence.

I hope to get some pictures done tonight for a post tomorrow ...


  1. yeah been watching this on the news, and was shocked, hope this gets sorted real quick.

  2. Yup i only live a few miles from Handsworth In Birmingham been luucky so far heard plenty of Sirens last night.

    Theres talk of evacuating areas of the jewellery quarter.

  3. I am glad this isn't happening in Australia (yet).