Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Zombie Horde

Unfortunately no pictures with this post - just an update on the size of my Zombie Horde. I counted it last night in anticipation of the Eastern Front show on Sunday. I am planning on attending the show to help Zombie Ad with his display game.

Currently I have 163 zombies in my horde - I know a mere handful when compared to Vampifan the Great's, but I'm pleased with it.

Of the horde:
  • 143 are painted.
  • 30 are Wargames Factory plastics - don't like these very much, so am considering scrapping them and turning into corpses, of which I already have 30 - all painted
  • 20 are Mantic Ghouls done as Ragers - all painted
  • 7 are child zombies - all painted
I'll definitely be taking my camera along with me and hope to put piccies up next week sometime.


  1. OOooo Can't wait for this. Take a pic of all of em please pretty please

  2. Nice work on the hoard - I look forward to seeing photos of them, and of the display game.

  3. Photos are a must! Best of luck at the show. I hope you and Adam put on a good show.