Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Blue-arsed headless chicken-fly ...

... is how I'm feeling at the moment :(  Work is manic with a capital MAN.  With the recall we have issued, every morming I have to prepare reports and dashboards tracking this as well as my other regular work. On top of that I have 2 other projects, one to finish by Friday this week, the other by a fortnight this friday, and the 'normal' month-end rush taking up next week :(

I hope to start the next instalment of my zed-campaign one evening next week, but I was intending to do that this week - so don't hold your breath, unless you're already one of the infected, in which case that wouldn't matter!

I'm about to go to bed - it's 8.50pm! - cos I'm cream-crackered and need to start early tomorrow and will be finishing late - is that the world's tiniest violin I hear playing somewhere? and is that purple piss your hearts are bleeding for me?  ;)

Anyway, enough of my attempts to drag out some sympathy - just want to let the people crazy enough to be followers here that I will be posting again (and commenting on your blogs), just not in the next 10 days or so  (unless I can sneak some time at work - for commenting that is - won't have long enough to post here, I'm certain).

PS: been managing to read a few pages of Field-Marshal Slim's 'Defeat Into Victory' at lunchtimes - an absolutely superb read and thoroughly recommended to anyone with an interest in WW2 in Burma or what a Corps (then Army) Commander has to cope with and do. Read it - you won't be disappointed.


  1. Hang in there and I look forward to when things calm down again and you can make some posts.

    I will keep your place in the PBB open so when you have some free time you can come in as a reinforcement.

  2. Don't worry mate we all have weeks like it. I just wish my work was more busier

  3. Real life can be a nuisance my friend, not a worry though.