Thursday, 1 September 2011

First Painted Gladiators

Well I finished my first pair of plastic gladiators and decided to experiment with the photos. While at Eastern Front I had a conversation with Zombie Ad during which we both moaned about our inability to take decent photos of our toys. Ad said that he was going to get a tripod and try the timer funciton on his camera and I realised that I had a tripod myself so I thought I'd give it a go. Below you can see the results. I often find that a picture looks fine on the camera's viewscreen but when I upload it to the PC, I find it's blurry. Such was the case with the left side of this picture. This composite photo has the same view, both pictures taken using the tripod, but the left side is with me pressing the button and the right side is using the timer ...

I think you'll agree it makes one helluva difference and I shall certainly be using the timer for all my pics from now on! According to 'Red Sand, Blue Sky' the rules I'll be using this gladiator as a Dimachaerus (means two-weapon-man apparently). 

Facing Left

His back

Facing right
After taking these pics, I've added some Tamiya Clear Red to his blades and it look pretty good!
Next we have a gladiatrix (female gladiator) from the Pegasus set 2. I really like this figure and she seems closest to a Murmillo in RSBS. She's the only one to have a name so far - Bodacea from Britannia. The blue circle on her belt has been painted silver and a coat of Tamiya Clear Blue applied, as with the blue stone on the front of her helm. I think it's come out very well

facing left

From the front
and rear shot, facing right

Finally, in a comment on my last post I promised a comparison shot of Pegasus and Italeri gladiators. Well here it is;  on the left is a Pegasus mini and on the right Italeri. I prefer the Pegasus myself. On consideration, I could have chosen a better pair, but these were to hand. I will use them together without any quibbles anyway, and I think the difference is more of a 'style' thing than a problem

Left Pegasus - Right Italeri

Next time, a few more gladiators, a bear, a lion and my arena ideas. Well probably anyway ... something else might take my fancy first!


  1. Nice work, the dual wielding Gladiator looks mean, but the chick gladiator is using a specifically nasty sword (Greek kopis style), renouned for severing limbs from bodies....ouchy, she gets the badass of the week award.

  2. Colin, for taking photos of minis a tripod is essential. I also find my shutter release button is an invaluable aid. This means that when I take a shot I just press the shutter release button on my remote device and I never touch the camera. It's rock steady on its tripod so there is no fear of "camera shake" which can blight many a shot. You're definitely heading in the right direction. Oh and nice work on the painting.

  3. @Extraordinarii: thanks - I didn't know that!

    @Vampi: is that release button an attachment? I'm guessing it's a feature of the camera though ...

  4. Colin, the remote shutter release button is a separate item and is not attached to the camera in any way. It's like a one button remote control device that you use for your TV. You just point it at your camera and press the button when you want to use it. A very handy device, my friend!