Monday, 28 November 2011

A Church, 2 Cars, a Pile of Crates and a Magazine ...

In my recent post "Time ... where does it go??", I was wittering on about some of the model buildings I've been constructing lately. Well, one that I've just finished (well ... nearly anyway!) is the Dave Graffam Models' Village Chapel. As with most of their models it has multiple 'layers' in the pdf file which means you can get a variety of finishes. I went for the 'medieval stone' with 'blue tiles' for the roof, with the optional annex and the foyer ... and here it is in all its glory:
with a 28mm Copplestone mini (IIRC) to give a size reference
And here it is again showing the entire steeple, which I have left removeable to aid in storage:
The same mini is to the left of the annex
What you don't get in the file though, is any interior detailing. I've used the file to come up with my own. In the pic below, you can see the interior of the church. The wall at the top has had the exterior wall with no textures, but the same windows as the exterior I've used glued to the inside. I've also used one of the floor textures from the Low Ruins set as tiling for the floor. At this, though, I gave up as I wasn't at all sure how to do the rest ...

And here is a shot of the interior of the foyer ... without opening doors I probably shouldn't have bothered with this as it's damn hard to get your hand in there!

Here's a slightly blurry pic of the models I've put together on their shelf. At the left side is the church with the steeple removed and stored inside the main building. On the right are the two Low Ruins I've put together so far:

At the end of my last post - Warfare Convention and other stuff ... - I had pics of a couple of self-assembly diecast cars I'd bought. Well, they took about a minute to put together - if that! - and they've turned out quite nicely ... here's a shot of the Hummer

And another lower-angle shot to better see the size

The second model was a land-rover and that's turned out just as well

Making these buildings has left a lot of little off-cuts from the board I am using ... I was keeping most of them as I thought "they'll come in handy" for something! Then I had a brainwave and found a pdf  file that I had downloaded a long time ago from a Spanish modeller's site with quite a few free downloads. Naturally, it is in Spanish, but the photos explain very well and the author has provided an English translation for those - like me - who are linguistically challenged. I couldn't find the page that I got the file from, but Google showed me that it is still here. Anyway, it has a bunch of crates, and I've printed it out and am working my way through a heap of the crates that I'll use to populate my Multi-Story [sic] Warehouse when I build it. So here they are:
And another view:

And finally for today, I was in my local branch of Smiths on Sunday morning when I saw this magazine:
I'd never seen or even heard of it before and intrigued, I bought it. It's written in the Netherlands and published in English and first impressions are very good. Have any of you guys seen this before?


  1. Like the church. I too got the magazine in Smiths last week and I'm working my way through the articles. I find it very enjoyable and will buy it agin. I hope other mags are up to the same quality.

  2. Nice church matie. Love the vehicles to the Land rover is spot on. I haven't seen that mag might have to pick it up for a look

  3. The buildings look fantastic, and you might have shamed me into getting off my back side and making more myself.

    I know of the magazine, having seen it advertised on the web for a while now, but I don't know where to find it in Australia - and I really want the issue you have for the gangster articles.

  4. I've got quite a few of Dave's card models and they are very nice. I do like what you've done with the church. I always like to see buildings with interior details.

  5. Thanks guys

    Shelldrake - you can get the magazine from their website: in paper or pdf format along with back issues.