Friday, 30 December 2011

What to do in 2012 ??

Shelldrake, in this post on "Shelldrake's Wargaming Blog", has listed the projects that he is planning for 2012, so that he has something to compare his progress (or lack of!) against at the end of the year

I thought this such a great idea that I'm going to do the same; so (in no particular order!), here is what I hope to accomplish (gaming-related that is) in the year to come:
  • WW2 Burma 15mm - finish the figures I've got and do some scenery related stuff for it
  • Witchfinder General - got the rules for xmas and acquired a bunch of minis for this game; all need painting
  • Indian Mutiny - I got 'Season in Hell: Defence of the Lucknow Residency' for xmas, so hopefully that will get me inspired to get the minis painted for this. Thinking about buildiings though ... was thinking adobe style - anyone got sources for print your own adobe builidings?
  • 10mm Fantasy - got a bunch of this to paint up for use with Rally Round the King including a Pendraken Hussite army
  • 15mm VBCW - still got this to finish ... bought some more figures for it at Warfare as well!
  • 54mm Gladiators - most painted, still got some to do and need to create an arena of some sort
  • Wings of War - bought the game and some planes at Colours. Not done anything yet, except get some pilots for them
  • 28mm Elfball - finishing touches for one team, yet to paint the second :(
  • Outrider - I got a bunch of cars, stripped a few down and added card 'armour plates' then spray undercoated them ... however, I was disappointed with the reuslts as the card just didn't look 'right', so I gave up on this project. Recently though, I got some black plasticard to try instead, so I hope to make progress on this project
  • WW2 late war western front - painted Brits and Germans ages ago, just need to finish their bases
I think that's enough to be going on with ... for now anyway!!  I'm sure the 'oooh shiny!!' will strike and add new things to the list that might well substitute themselves ...

Anyway, whatever you have planned for the coming year, I hope it works out well as I hope does my list!

Thursday, 29 December 2011


As is fairly typical for me, have been unwell over the christmas period.  Worse than usual though, I have had a viral infection that has had me signed off work and basically unable to motivate myself to do anything other than sleep  ...

Anyway, slowly getting rid of it now, so hope to be posting again soon.

I hope that all who read this had a better yuletide than I!

Here's to a better 2012!  Happy new year to you all!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Doing Something Else ...

Well, sorry to have been away again, but I had an attack of self-pity at the weekend and bought myself Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, so I've been playing that all week - and intend to for the forseeable future! - as I'm really enjoying it!

However, to prove I'm not completely ignoring you all, I thought I'd put up some of the pics I have as my screensaver on my work laptop. These are all Ironclad Miniatures:

L 2: French Inf Command; R 2: 2 of French Infantry

L 2: Prussian Line Inf Command; R 2: 2 of Prussian Line Infantry
L Ironclad Man; C Dr Jekyll (Not Ironclad Mini); R Mr Hyde

L 'Tobias'; C Mina Harker; R 'Scotty'

L 'Professor Mandark'; R3 'Steam Automatons'

L 'Sanwar Shaman'; R3 'Sanwar Warriors' (centre 1 has Jezzail)

I really like all these minis, unfortunately the photos aren't very good quality :(  Also, I have yet to find rules to use them with, but I'm thinking one of Two-Hour Wargames' sets will be good.

Anyway, back to Skyrim! well later - at work atm :(