Thursday, 8 December 2011

Doing Something Else ...

Well, sorry to have been away again, but I had an attack of self-pity at the weekend and bought myself Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, so I've been playing that all week - and intend to for the forseeable future! - as I'm really enjoying it!

However, to prove I'm not completely ignoring you all, I thought I'd put up some of the pics I have as my screensaver on my work laptop. These are all Ironclad Miniatures:

L 2: French Inf Command; R 2: 2 of French Infantry

L 2: Prussian Line Inf Command; R 2: 2 of Prussian Line Infantry
L Ironclad Man; C Dr Jekyll (Not Ironclad Mini); R Mr Hyde

L 'Tobias'; C Mina Harker; R 'Scotty'

L 'Professor Mandark'; R3 'Steam Automatons'

L 'Sanwar Shaman'; R3 'Sanwar Warriors' (centre 1 has Jezzail)

I really like all these minis, unfortunately the photos aren't very good quality :(  Also, I have yet to find rules to use them with, but I'm thinking one of Two-Hour Wargames' sets will be good.

Anyway, back to Skyrim! well later - at work atm :(


  1. Those are very cool. I especially like the Mina Harker and Scotty figs.

  2. Some nice VSF figures there. Are you going to be doing the 'League of Extraordinary gentlemen' by any chance?