Monday, 9 January 2012

15mm WW2 Burma; Part 2 The Japanese

Well here we go with part 2, the Japanese. These are also from Peter Pig, but whereas I bought the British as packs of figures, I got the Japanese as one of their platoon packs. They do 2 different platoon packs, one in cap and one in helmet and I opted for the cap version.

Getting this pack did mean that a) I got the correct number of figures for a platoon, b) it was slightly discounted (I think, I've not actually costed it out), but there is little variation in the figures. That is, if I'd bought the individual packs of figures I could've mixed them up with helmetted figures.

Anyway, on to the pcitures. Again, first up is a group shot of all the Japanese, including the casualties that were unpainted at the time, but I've since painted
Group shot of all the Japanese

The first group includes the support weapons; the ligh machine gun team and the so-called 'knee mortar'. From what i've read though it seems to be more of a 'grenade-thrower' than a mortar. The LMG team has a very interesting quirk, I thought; the LMG has a bayonet attached, which is, IMO, a very telling point about Japanese tactics in WW2. 
Platoon support weapons

Next is a photo of the 3 infantry poses that exist in the platoon pack. As I said above, by getting the 'cap' platoon it restricted the poses to these three. Consequently, there are 8 of each of these poses!
Riflemen poses
Next is the command group. Another telling feature of Japanese tactics and approach to WW2 - again IMO - is that this command group has a flag bearer and a bugler, but no radioman ...
Command group

Finally, the 3 poses in the Japanese caualties pack. I intend to get another couple (at least) packs of these, so that when the wave attacks come in, the British players will get a feeling of the pressure that they have been under, rather than just removing casualties and having an empty battlefield
Casualty poses

I've just been looking at Bayonet Strength's pages on Japanese organisation and I think that the platoon is under-strength ... so may need some more minis. I'll keep you all upto date on developments.


  1. Colin the Japanese look ready to die for there trouble !! Bonzai! keep up the good work mate.

  2. Ha thats exactly what i was gonna say Banzai!!!

    Very nice mate looking forward to AAR of these

  3. Lovely figures - and it makes me want to finish off my 20mm Japanese... just don't tell the Mrs.

    Um, Bonzai, being the art of miniaturizing trees, might be appropriate for Peter Pig minis, but Brummie had it right.

    Bit of trivia - Banzai actually means "Hurrah!" and is commonly used at sports games, and doesn't mean some fearful suicidal charge. I suppose 'banzai!' was yelled before such charges to rev up the soldiers.