Monday, 9 January 2012

15mm WW2 Burma; Part 3 Terrain

And onto part 3 of the Burma series, the terrain I'm going to use.  My intention is to use my hexon 'boards' as the base and onto that I'm going to put patches of different coloured material to represent different 'types of terrain. I bought the boards in their black unflocked incarnation as that was cheaper than buying them ready flocked, but if I were to do it again, I'd certainly get them ready flocked as painting them and flocking them myself has been a real pain.

Anyway, there are 2 additional things that I'm going to use - card grass shacks from and some jungle 'markers that I've created myself.

Starting with a group shot of the features I've just mentioned, here are all the grass shacks and the jungle markers I've made, shown on the tray that's their home. There are a dozen shacks and just over 50 jungle markers:
Shacks and markers on their storage tray
The grass shacks I got for my Vietnam miniatures which are 10mm figures, so that's the scale I purchased. However, I think they are close enough to use with my 15mm Burma mini's as you can see in the following piccies. Paperterrain are not a print and build supplier as are most card building retailers - in my experience that is.  Instead they print the models onto card and ship them to you. I was worried about them getting folded in transit, but nothing occurred with my delivery. I guess it might depend how well you know your postie though - mine's an old neighbour, so he seems to follow instructions like 'do not bend' (unlike some posties I've had in the past ...)

Anyway, the buildings sold by paperterrain have an exterior shell that can be lifted off to show a 'ruined' version underneath. This first photo shows the smallest grass shack; its lift-off exterior on the base (hiding the ruined version) on the left, the 'ruin' in the centre and the shell without the base on the right
10mm smallest grass shack with 15mm figures
The black edge around the top of the ruin was added by me with a felt tip, to show it had been partially burnt. I like it, but YMMV. In the pack I got there are 6 of the smallest size shacks, 3 mediums:
10mm medium shack with 15mm figures
 and 3 large shacks:
10mm largest shack with 15mm figures
As you can see the shacks had no colouring on the inside of the ruined version (since taking the photos I've painted the inside though) but, they have a bamboo pattern floor, as you can see in this higher angle photo:
Bamboo floor inside shack
I like these models. They were easy enough to assemble and the card they're printed on is not heavy duty, but certainly adequate. I used foamboard inside the bases of the shacks - I can't remember if that was on the instructions or not - as the bases were the right height for it! The only real issue is that where the base section had to be folded the printing wore off, but that was easily touched up with felt-tips and I've had the same problem with buildings I've printed myself - a hazard of the medium I guess.

Onto the jungle 'markers'. These are made from Products for Wargamers' "Jungle Plant 2" and "Jungle Plant 3", although they have been chopped about quite a bit. Here are 3 of them next to 3 of my Brits as a size indicator:
Jungle markers next to Brits
I had hoped that they would be quite effective to symbolise jungle areas on the board.  Here is a close up of 2 of them with one Brit:

However ...  I'm really not sure now ...


  1. Looking good Colin. The 10mm scale buildings seem to work fine.

  2. I like your idea on the terrain tiles. I have seen photos of others using them and it looks quite effective.

    Love the jungle terrain you have made - I have been looking through fish tank supplies here in Australia and not found ones like you purchased, so thanks for the link.

  3. You really have made good progress thus far with this project.... keep it coming mate! loving it.

  4. Looking very good. I'm surprised how well the 10mm huts scale in with 15mm. If you hadn't said they were 10mm, I'd have just assumed they were 15mm.

  5. Look good. Great find with these buildings I really like the fact you can turn them into ruins!