Wednesday, 4 January 2012

And so it begins ...

Well a new year is here and with its arrival I've made a resolution. Unfotunately, as far as my daughter is concerned, it's not to stop smoking. No, I've resolved to get off my arse and return to my local wargames club, which meets every Friday evening. I think that I went there twice in 2011 - once to pay my membership fee, and the other time was for the annual convention.   More or less as a direct result of this, I only played 2 wargames in the whole of the year, both of which were solo ATZ games.  The batreps for them are on this blog and can be seen via this link.

Something else I've resolved is to post more on this blog (like that's actually going to happen!) and to tie these two resolutions together, I have a cunning plan ...

Each time I plan a game I'm going to do a series of 4 or 5 posts on it. Each series will have these posts:
  1. Photos & details (manufacturer, scale, etc) on the side I intend to play
  2. ditto for the OpFor (Opposing Force)
  3. ditto for the terrain
  4. A battle report and pictures of the game itself
  5. Comments on the rules used, changes made, etc - might not always do this; would value whether readers think this worthwhile
So this cunning scheme will begin tomorrow with the first post of the first series which will have photos of 'my side' and details of the figures shown.

I have decided to start with my WW2 15mm Burma game, for two reasons. Firstly because, in a comment on this post back in November, The Extraordinarii said he was looking forward to the WW2 Burma stuff and I promised it would appear next which it never actually did ... I hope you can forgive me Extraordinarii!

Secondly, I've not seen this particular theatre wargamed before so it'll make a change (& surprise) to the guys at the club.

So ... here's hoping I actually go through with it and look forward to the post tomorrow!  I'd like feedback on the 'series' idea from readers - do you think it's a good idea? should I have fewer posts? I've split the posts as detailed above in an effort to keep the post size down and the number of pictures to a reasonable level.

Edited:  Just checked the link to the batreps and seen that a) some of the pics aren't there and b) the first game was actually played in 2010!  I'll fix the pics tomorrow as they're on a different PC


  1. I hope your plan works, and I like point 5, as it gives a bit of insight to the rules for others wondering if they should buy those rules or not.

    I had intended to make a few posts myself this year, but I have actually been caught up in painting minis! Shock Horror!

  2. Bring it on and hang the consequences........

  3. It sounds like a reasonable way to chronicle what you're doing. Multiple small posts seem to work better for me, FWIW. Comments on the rules would be appreciated. I'm always looking for good new rulesets.

  4. Cool. Looking forward to it. Real Life often gets in the way mate don't worry about it

  5. Great ideas mate, I am thrilled that you are going to have a go at the WW2 Burma game, Unfortunately I shelved my WW2 Eastern front game, but would like to see what you do with the Burma game, I also echo Shelldrake and Luckyjoe's comments regarding you commenting on rules used and whether any tweaks were made, Cmnash bring it on !

  6. Best of luck in all your ventures this year, Colin.

  7. I'm sure you pleayed at least one my ATZ game in 2011! :)

    Good luck with the resolutions Colin, it is always good to have a plan.