Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Best Laid Plans and all That ... AGAIN!

Oops!! Muppetry has struck. In this post I told you all how I was unable to stay at the club for a game last Friday evening and had therefore arranged to play this coming Friday instead. Well ... I forgot that this Friday night is my works 'Christmas' do (apparently it's about half the cost if you have it after Christmas instead of before), so I've had to reschedule the game to the 20th now!

Very annoyed with myself, I've decided to play a solo game this coming weekend to get used to the rules I'm going to use - Two-Hour Wargames' War Against Japan supplement to their Nuts! WW2 rules.

I've set up the layout I'm going to use and there follows some atrocious pictures of it - sorry about their quality, but I just couldn't seem to get an unblurry picture and the lighting is terrible. Hopefully at the weekend I'll have a chance to get some pics in natural light which will hopefully be better - at the moment I leave before the sun comes up and get home after its gone down!


  1. Well something is better than nothing....

  2. Erm... Merry Christmas? :) 2HW saves the day!

  3. He he Twice the amount of beer allowed :D. Cool Look forward to the AAR of your solo game