Monday, 23 January 2012

Good News ... Bad News ... Good News

Good News: Went to the club last Friday evening, played a game and enjoyed it! Unless you've either suffered from depression, or have a close friend/relative who is a sufferer, I don't think that you can really understand just how much this apparently small thing means. Suffice to say it is a big thing to me, and I am inordinatley proud of it!

Bad News: Forgot my camera today, so no post about the game until tomorrow at the earliest! sorry fellow bloggers

Good News: We used 'Too Fat Lardies' WW2 ruleset "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" which was a great success and we will definitely be playing it again!


  1. Good to hear, we can wait a little longer sir....

  2. Good to hear will be glad to have something to look at when i'm stuck onsite Thursday/Friday

  3. Great news :-D

    And I echo your comments on how important the small thing mean to people with depression. Very little things can dump you down in a big dark hole very easily.

    (on a side note - I have problems posting comments - I found if you change your comment settings to 'pop up' then people can post comments with not problem)