Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Well I seemed to have rectified my blogger issues by installing IE8, but then made the mistake of clicking the 'try the new interface' link on the blogger dashboard - it said 'your browser is not supported' and that was it!

So I've installed Google Chrome and am using that for blogging now.  I've also set the comments to appear in a pop-up as per the mighty Shelldrake's suggestion - hope it works!

Just about to start writing my batrep from last Friday, so, with a bit of luck, that should appear soon!


  1. Yep it is working, although 'mighty' is not a word I would have used :-P

    More like 'annoying' maybe? ;-)

  2. hmmm ... mighty or annoying ... how about a middle ground of:
    'completely un-ignorable'?

  3. Finger crossed the gremlins don't mess it up for you again.