Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Army Painter Quick Shade - aka 'Magic Dip'; part 2

Been a while since I posted, but I have been busy painting my Baccus 1/300 War of Spanish Succession (WSS) infantry, and then after SAGA finally arrived, I switched to my Gripping Beast plastics to create the warbands for that.

Way back in this post I posted on my first results with 'Magic Dip' and negatively compared it to the mucky wash finish that I normally use. Last week, I decided to give it another go, using my WSS 6mm stuff as the experimental figures. I have tried to use the wash on 6mm minis before but have been very dissatisfied with the results as it made them too dark, hence I wanted to try the dip.  So here are some photos of the tests:
strip of Baccus WSS line inf painted
same strip just after dipping
same strip approx 12hrs later
The photos above show my first test with just one strip and I am very pleased with the results. Unlike the wash I previously tried, the dip gives a lighter overall effect, whilst still creating the shadows and depth I wanted. Its effects are also much more even and consistent than the wash has ever been and its also a varnish! Even the gloss finish it gives - I think - is good for these tiny minis. Once I've done some more I'll put up a group shot of bases to show you all.

I'd painted around 30 or so of these strips and the others were all stuck to bases so I was holding the base with a pair of pliers while dipping the others and as I was doing so, I was wondering how I would be able to retrieve the base if I dropped it in the tin of dip ...

Of course, no sooner had I thought about it, than it happened ... my base of painted British grenadiers:

slipped from the pliers and plunged to the bottom of the dip! :( I eventually managed to fish them out with the pliers and they seemed none the worse for the experience, although the MDF base had soaked up the dip:

When I started I was dipping the whole figures in so that just the green painted strip was showing, but experimenting with how much to dip showed me that I only need to dip them to about the waist - as they stand to dry, the dip on the top half flows down (slowly!) and covers the bottom half.

I've also tried the dip with a 28mm Gripping Beast plastic and I am very pleased with the results! I'll put some pics of them up next time.

All-in-all I have now revised my opinion of magic dip completely - no more washes for me as the final step. It will be magic dip from now on!

PS - this post told how I had been making a model plane for my Dad's 70th and mentioned I had lost the canopy parts for it - I found them yesterday!


  1. Very nice results. And glad to hear you found the missing canopy.

  2. Nicely done mate. Never used dip myself yet.

  3. Great to see that the dip actually works!

    Looking forward to seeing the Gripping Beast figure... but please don't do a review on SAGA, as I don't need another project :-P

  4. @ all: As I said above, I'm v v pleased with the results on 6mm, but you need a distance shot to really appreciate it; I'll put one up next time. 28mm has been good as well!

    @ Shelldrake: I hadn't thought about reviewing SAGA! since you've asked so nicely, I'll guess I'll have to do one now! ;) but I'll save it until after I've played, which will be a long while yet :(

  5. Cool stuff

    I'm finiding it heard to tear myself away form GW's Devlan Mud, one of the few things they do REALLY well. Vallejo paints actually thin well with water and make good matt washes too.

    Awesome that you found the canopy!

  6. Very interesting experiment. I'm tempted.

  7. Giid results,so much so that I'm now convinced to try the dip.