Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Disaster ...

In 25 years (or thereabouts ... perhaps longer, I really don't want to think about it too much!) of painting miniature figures, I have only once knocked over an open pot of paint.

Until last night that is. It also had to be when I was still wearing one of my white work shirts (and not a cheap t-shirt that I normally wear in the evenings) didn't it?  So I scrubbed out the paint as quickly as I could and put it in the kitchen sink to soak.

Of course, I did not swear loudly or repeatedly - honest! - well ... maybe just a little bit ...

Anyway; I also managed to increase my total of finished Gripping Beast plastic Anglo-Saxons to 32 - all of  whom have been magic-dipped, and now have another 12 of them left to do, along with a couple of metal figures. These will be used with SAGA as Anglo-Danes (as the Anglo Saxon details have not been released for it yet) against my Gripping Beast plastic Vikings - so they will be next onto the painting table.

I have also managed to get a bunch of my 1/300th Baccus War of Spanish Succession infantry done (a couple of pics were in my last post), and have got the Black Powder rules (a late birthday present from my step-daughter) and C'est la Guerre (fast play rules ordered from Caliver Books) on their way to me.  But before they can be played I'll need to get substantially more figures ...  Meanwhile, I've found Ian Croxall's Blenheim 04 rules on the warflag site which seem good to me.

That's it for this update; pictures in the next one!


  1. Regarding the knocking over of a pot of paint - been there, done that and got the cardigan to prove it. A brand new cardigan that my mum had bought me and told me in no uncertain terms not to get any paint on it! She was not a happy bunny when she found out what I'd done!

  2. Paint accidents suck. I once grabbed a can of white spray paint instead of the clear acrylic sealer to finish off a WHFB unit.

  3. @Joe - ouch! makes me think that:
    a) I should retitle my post 'minor inconvenience
    b) You should reconsider the 'Lucky' part of your handle! ;)

  4. LOL I did that with my only pot of flesh wash (full more or less) down the side of the couch. Luckily it mop off pretty well and the other half didn't see me do it.

    Nice progress look forward to seeing some more pics

  5. I've actually never had that happen to me, but my eldest son did decide to paint my samurai for me one morning. He apinted them Blue ! (Over a lot of detail I'd already painted of course).
    I guess we all have our "little" painting accidents eh ?
    I agree though that "Disaster" is possibly a bit harsh and the "Lucky" part of "Lucky Joe's" monicker needs explaining !

  6. Noooooooo! :(

    The first rule of paint club is: Don't paint in your best clothes.

    The second rule of paint club is: DON'T PAINT IN YOUR BEST CLOTHES!

    Cool to hear about the progress on the figs though.