Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Friday's game ...

I was going to post yesterday on last Friday's game, but didn't have my camera to get the pictures from it, so I thought I'd post today ... and forgot my camera again :(

So I've only got the pics from my phone. To be honest there weren't that many pics on it as when I got it out at the game (ooh-er missus!) the battery was completely flat :(

Anyway, first up is a blurry - sorry :( - pic of most of the club; there was a Flames of War game off to the left of the pic that I couldn't get in frame ...
You can just make out that there are 7 games being played, which with the one out of shot is a total of 8 - a good total for the club. As well as the FoW and our NT Ancients, there was a Polemos game of 1866 Austro-Prussian war, a 'Check Your Six' game featuring B17s in formation, FoG Ancients and another NT Ancients. Don't know what the others were though ...

The hands in the photo below are those of Monsewer Cull, my opponent in our four-handed game which was late carthaginians (them) vs pyrrhic (us). He had me very concerned at the start when he lined up a whole bunch of cavalry to loop round to the right of the wood at the right of the picture ...

and in this photo you can see them after they stopped and lined up opposing the light infantry I had scrambled into the wood. If he'd carried on and flung them round the wood he'h have been behind my phalangites and I've have been in a world of hurt ...

But Tim didn't see things that way obviously! and below are some of the aforementioned phalangites - very nice they were too!
It was a fun game, enjoyed by all four players, ending - IMO, I'm not sure the other side agreed! - in an (appropriate) pyrrhic victory for us!

Thos familiar with NT Ancients rules maybe surprised at the number of units in the first photo as the rules are designed for armies with 8 units per side.  Well, one of the guys at the club - Monsewer Allan Hobbs - has been using FoG army lists to give points values and more options to the NT armies. This game used the late carthaginian and pyrrhic lists that Allan developed, and I think it worked pretty well.  The idea behind this is to enlarge the simple game that is NT to FoG size without the complications of FoG rules.

I don't know if he will share said lists (but that's only because I haven't asked!) but if anyone is interested I can find out.


  1. Looks like a fun time. I've never played Ancients but I can see the allure.

  2. Some good game going on. Like Joe said I can see the attraction.

    I'm thinking 300 would be a big influence.

  3. great stuff, and no great loss at not being able to show the FoW game (hehehehehehehehehehehe)

  4. Congrats for getting in some solid gaming!