Monday, 19 March 2012

Shopping @ WMMS, part 3

Well, time for the last part of my shopping expedition to WMMS ...

So what ELSE did I buy at WMMS?  A completely new theatre (of WW2 not building!) and scale. I've long had a thing for the more ... 'uncommon' conflicts as can probably be evidenced by my Burma project and the WW2.5 project.

Anyway, I've never used/painted 20mm figures so I'd thought I'd use that for this project, which is Norway 1940. So, on to what I purchased. I was browsing the stalls wondering what I should spend money that I haven't got on toys that I would probably never play with, when I got to the Lancashire Games stand. Amongst their 20mm 'battlepacks' they had one with Norwegian Infantry in it. The battlepacks have a sliding price (dependent on how many you buy), and a constant number of figures. For 20mm, this is 24 figures, so after considerable umms and ahhs, and changing my mind and exchanging a couple of packs, I wound up getting these four packs:

Browsing a bit more, ad leafing through an Osprey title on the campaign I picked up, I purchased a couple of tanks - a French Hotchkiss 39 and Panzer 2 from .... can't remember :(
 I also got a 'Kubelwagen armoured car' but didn't photo that. An interesting point on these resin models, is the metal core to the gun barrels - damn fine idea!

Entering 20mm scale opens up a far wider variety of plastic kits for use and there were quite a few retailers of kits at WMMS. So after much browsing, I got these boxes of infantry which were £6 each and hold around 35 infantry:

But I realised I had no LMGs or other support for my infantry - the battle packs have normal infantry and a couple of command figures only - so I got these kits as well ...
but, it wasn't until I got home and checked online that I realised the PAK 40 is much too late for Norway - bummer!

I've also ordered the Revell 1/72 kit of the German landship the Neubaufahrzeug, as 3 of these saw action in Norway. Photos of that when it arrives!


  1. Some nice bits and pieces. Looking forward to seeing them painted up

  2. Dude! You have some busy hobby times ahead! Get to it! :)