Monday, 23 April 2012

Another Salute done ...

Another Salute is done and dusted. As with every year, I spent far too much money, but managed not to use a card at all! I got to the back of the advance ticket holders' q at about 9.50am - doors open at 10am - after having walked around 500m to find the end of it ... as you can see in the photos below, I couldn't even see the entrance until having walked forward in the q for 5-6 minutes!

The delay, though, is always due to the number of punters - Salute is the best organised show I've attended and the Warlords always do a fantastic job with it.  Anyway, here are the poor quality, blurry, piccies I've got. Mainly due to taking the pics one-handed as I had a large bag full of toys in one hand!

The advance ticket q when I joined it
can't even see the venue
same q after 3 mins walking - still can't see the venue! 
At last! - after 5-6 mins walking in the q, the entrance is in sight!
Building on the Gripping Beast stand;
was tempted, but intend 2 build one myself
The scrum around Hasslefree's stand
Behind that long line of gamers is
(allegedly!) the bring-and-buy
Allsorts go to Salute ... I think this guy was demo'ing
an Anime game ... he could just like Pandas though ....
Commando Mini's not seem them before. Got a pack of their
post ww2 brits for SE Asia insurgencies
VSF is one of my likes; great stuff on this table
Steam Tank from the same game
and a flyer from it as well - lovely model
Another strange flyer game; took this photo because of the
mat they used - quite intriguing
Fantastic victorian-era terrain - no idea bout the game though!
The radio controlled tank game - £1.50
for 5 mins driving or until you got blown-up!
My haul - details will follow
in another post


  1. I am very jealous! I wish there was something this big in my part of the world.

    I checked out the Commando Mini's web site - they don't have much information there really, but what they do have looks very interesting indeed.

    I look forward to seeing what is in your bag of goodies.

  2. Ooooh.....

    Do not leave us in suspense!!!

  3. Patience m'lud! About to do a post on the first bunch of stuff out of the bag, but it will take quite a few posts to do it all :)

    @Shelldrake - wish I had better and more pictures for you my friend