Thursday, 19 April 2012

Salute 2012

This saturday is the Salute convention and, as usual, I've been busy lining up lots of new toys as pre-orders. This year I am getting from:
That's "all" that I've pre-ordered (that I can remember or find emails about anyway!) and has only 1 new project - the Iron Stars stuff. My intent for Strange Aeons is to sue them with my 28mm VSF stuff, sot that doesn't count!

Other stuff I intend to pick up is a box of Wargames Factory saxon fyrd to use as levy in SAGA (Wayland Games seems the cheapest for that) and a couple of paints.

It would be a strange convention though, if I don't have an attack of Ooh-shiny!-itis and come home without something that I had no intention of getting ...

I've seen TAL's Salute post, so I'll endeavour to either say hello or hurl debris from a suitable concealed location! Unfortunately I have no snazzy T-Shirt as TAL does so will remain incognito this time.  I do like TAL's shirt though so will probably rip the idea shamelessly for conventions later in the year.

If you are going to Salute - enjoy!

PS - As I suggested in a comment on this post by Vampifan-the-Great, next time I post it'll be with better images of the Dave's Games buildings that are on my Card Buildings page)


  1. Lots of different stuff. I will be interested to see your haul upon your return have fun sir!

  2. That looks like a good haul of loot. There's no cure or tablets for 'Oh shineyitus'!

  3. That is quite a lot you have pre-ordered.

    I hope you like the Strange Aeons stuff - I suggest you read the combat wound system a few times, and then read the LAF forum Strange Aeons FAQ post to understand it:

    I wish I was going to Salute as there is plenty I want to see their, so I hope there will be plenty of cool photos :-D

  4. I shall try to take photos while I'm there, but am not good at remembering to photograph conventions :(

    And Shelldrake, Eureka are coming over to Salute this year - perhaps you could scrounge a lift with them if they come next year? ;) I'm sure I could find a patch of floor for you to kip on ... :)