Friday, 25 May 2012

Dave Graffam Models 4 - Split Ruin

Another of the extensive range of Dave Graffam Models in this post. This time it is the Split Ruin, again using Van Fampi as an indicator of size. Although it may seem quite basic, this build was the hardest I've done to date because of the differing shapes and many, many cuts needed.  At their most basic, the other builds could be described as boxes, with more or less square/rectangular sides, so cutting them with a steel rule and knife is - compared to this model anyway! - fairly easy.

When you look at the jagged edges of the 3 floors, 3 walls and roof of this build, I hope you can imagine just what a pain it was to do. Having said all that, it is a nice model and I'm glad that I have it! So here is the first pic, showing the 'inside' of the ruin:
"Well this looks promising ... fully detailed interior, trapdoors cut out - good start!"

As you can see there is a lot of 'internal' detail for this build, and with the layers used by DGM, an wide variety of possible combinations.

This next pic shows an end elevation of the build and that, as before, the doors aren't cut out ...
"What's this?! A non-opening door! after such a promising start ...."

This final pic shows the roof - or what's left of it! - of the build. For me this is the 'disappointing' part of the build ... the printed roof tiles just aren't convincing.  That is being quite picky though, and I am happy with it. Anyway, back in this post - shopping-wmms-part-2 - I showed a photo of roof tiles that I'd got from Warbases and I intend to use those to give a better look to the roof.
"P'fah! Solid windows AGAIN! I despair, I really do ..."


  1. That looks great. I know how it can be to make all of those cuts. Must have taken quite a while, and I bet your hand was starting to hurt by the time you were done. Still a great result. I like mixing 2d and 3d elements on my builds so I'll be especially interested to see what you do with the roof.

  2. Looks great and multi use to

  3. You can certainly get a lot of uses out of that building, Colin. Thanks for sharing. If only the windows were transparent and the door opened it'd be perfect! That Van Fampi knows what he's talking about!

    By the way, I know all about the hassle and pain of having to make so many cuts on the jagged parts and I certainly sympathise with your plight. Now imagine how much harder it would be if you reinforced your model with mounting board!

    1. Well I use the artist's acrylic board from Rymans stationers which is about 2.5mm thick - how thick is the mounting board?

    2. Mounting board is about 1.5mm thick, Colin.

  4. That look a very impressive and useful build.

  5. That looks great mate, i have to get this set