Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Finished the Spaceships

Due to a ... erm ... 'health issue' yesterday, I left work about 1.30pm and was at home asleep by 2.10pm (with medicinal aid it should be admitted) and woke up just after midnight.

Not feeling able to take pictures, I've none to share in this post, but I did manage to finish the spaceships I bought at Salute, including applying magic dip before I left for work.

So I'll get some pics of them tonight for a future post along with the Dave Graffam Models' (DGM) Cottage I forgot I had (and the DGM Split Ruin that I had still forgotten when I edited my last post!)

And will do my damnedest to get pics of the Offensive Miniatures I'm trying to part with over on the Board of the Living Lead, where the best zed-gaming bloggers can be found!


  1. Look forward to it mate. Hope it was nothing to serious

  2. Hope you are okay again?

    Looking forward to the pics as well