Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Lead Men - Elfball Teams

I can't remember for the life of me how I stumbled across Elfball originally, but I must have somehow ... anyway, when I did and found that the rules were free to download (see link on name), I printed and read a copy.  They seemed pretty damn good to me, so I ordered a copy of the game - to get the board - and then bought a couple of 28mm teams at Salute 2011. Or maybe it was 2010 ...

So far, so good. But then, after painting one team, I just lost the enthusiasm for the other. The Black Scorpion team (BS from here) which I'd bought (in metal, they only seem to do it in resin now) was far too ... 'fancy' with too many decorative bits for my tastes, so this particular project joined the countless others in my roundtuit* pile.

But then earlier this month, having finished my Iron Stars ships - new-toys-from-salute-2012-pt-3 - I was wondering what to do next, and decided to look back at this post - what-to-do-in-2012

In the list were the Elfball teams. I hadn't completely forgotten that they existed at all ... honest guv'nor ... how could you think that?!?

So, in a burst of resolve that left me quite light-headed, I dug them out and have now finished them, even repainting those I'd already finished so that I could magic dip them.

Here are the finished miniatures. First up is the Shadowforge Miniatures Female Gridiron team. I've used Oriental Flesh paint as the skin colour and black hair, the idea being they are the 'Wu-Sheng' Dragons, an oriental ladies elfball team, who (at some point!) will have a half-dragon owner (from Hasslefree)

I am really pleased with how well they've come out (there are actually 11 figures in the team, but 1 was hiding when I took the pics). This next pic shows the 'extras' - i.e. non-players - figures I've got. They are (from left to right): a metal ball, a goblin referee, the Dragons' coach and 3 Dragons' cheerleaders. The bottom part shows the Fenris Games 5-man skirmish movement tray (now trimmed to 4) which I'm using to ease movement of the coach and cheerleaders.

Again, I'm very pleased with these. Next is the BS team. These have been extensively chopped about and are in - IIRC - their 4th or maybe 5th colour scheme. Anyway, to show what they were purchased like, here is a pic I've copied from the BS website

Comparing that to the finished team below, you can see that there was plenty of work for my metal snippers!

And, as before, I'm pleased with these as well. That said, I think the 'strong tone' dip I used was a bit too dark for the Moldy Ochre and Linen colours that I used on them

 * - i.e. I'll finish it when I get around to it : roundtuit


  1. You have done a nice job on them. Blood Bowl is not something I've ever played or started off. I've thought about it but never made the leap.

    I really like both teams I think my favourites are the Wu-Sheng Dragons. I'm not that fond of Elves to be honest but I do like what you've done with the BS team to make them your own.

    Cheers Simon

    1. Thanks Simon! I never got into Bloodbowl either - might have played it once about 20yrs ago ... I'm not an Elf-o-phile either. Always preferred Dwarves tbh, & was v. annoyed at the LotR films making them comedic

  2. Good looking teams; I've played Bloodball from its first(dire)inception to itscurrent incarnation and thoroughly enjoyed the journey.
    How much does Elfball fiffer from Bloodball ?

    1. Sorry Mr Z, can't help you there, I don't remember anything about BB excpet that it's played on a more-or-less normal gridiron pitch, whereas Elfball is played on a circular pitch.

      I'll post some photos next time I play a game and go through it

  3. Elfball huh? ... its no lingerie league, but it will do hehehe, really like the Wu-Sheng dragons, good stuff.

  4. Blood bowl gals! :D

    Good paintjob, and good collection too!

  5. Norse !!!! The only way!!!

    Hehe looking good! I like the colours that you choose for the team.

  6. @ TE,Z, LA - thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback more than I can say!