Friday, 18 May 2012

New Toys from Salute 2012 - pt 3

So, the third part of my haul of new toys from Salute 2012.  This time, we have spaceships from the Iron Stars range by Brigade Models along with a few from their 'Cimexian' bug spaceships range.

I'm not entirely certain why I decided to paint these first, but I've now finished them, even getting the dip applied. Originally, I was going to follow the paint schemes from the Brigade site, but I decided to have something a bit more colourful in the end. So, for the Austro-Hungarians, I've used Burgundy with Pale Flesh (btw, that's my zombie skin colour!) for the ships themselves and Copper for their Cavorite sails:
Austro-Hungarian Empire
 And for the Russians, I've used Field Grey with Porcelain Blue for the hulls and Blue Steel for the sails:
Russian Empirs
While the bugs are quite a bit brighter as I wanted them to be markedly different, so they have Heather, Pink and Scarlet:
One thing that I did not know until I had the ships is the amount of detail on the underside of the bug ships, so here's a shot of that:
Detail on underside of Bugs
I was very impressed by all these models, although getting the sails to stick on the Russian small ships was a real pain!

Next time: another Dave Graffam Model build which will be one of: 
a) The Cottage, b) 2 Low-Level Ruins, or c) Split Ruin
 - stay tuned to find out which!


  1. nice lookin spaceships colin, what sort of scale mate ? also I vote for the cottage !

    1. Tony at Brigade models believes they are 1/1200th which would be the same as the Aeronef models and they seem teh same as that to me.

      For a size indication, there are 2 different sizes of hexes that the bases are on; the larger size (left 2 models in all the pics) are 50mm between flats and the smaller are 40mm between flats, if that helps

  2. Very nice sir. Like the Ruskies best