Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New Toys

More new toys in this post. Two jumped off their table into my bag at Salute, which force me to buy them, and the others I got at Valhalla, my local convention.

In a vain attempt to tie this post into my last post, we'll start with a group shot of most of the new toys in front of the Stoelzel's Structures 7ombieTV Cabin that was the subject of my last post. It does give you a good idea of the size of some of these miniatures as well though, and there are a couple of my 28mm figures there as well - the omni-present Van Fampi and Zombie-Me.

Next, in a more convential size indicator shot, they're grouped with a ruler; not sure what happened to the genie ...

And onto individual shots. First is GMB4 Talos "The Man of Bronze" from Steve Barber Models' Greek Mythology range - listed on the website as £11. Clearly derived from the Harryhausen Argonaut movie, this is a really nice figure. The head and sword came as seperate items and were easy to glue onto the model. When I bought this it was with the intention of using with my 40mm Greek skirmish (unfinished!) project, but I'm thinking I might use it as an ornament when not gaming, and maybe even get one for my Dad as a pressie at some point - he loves Harryhausen movies.

Another model from Steve Barber Models, this time their Arabian Nights range, is next - SIN4 The Jinni of the Lamp, priced at £5.50. Another recruit for the Greek 40mm project, I really liked the character of this mini's face, and it was him and Talos that leapt into my bag at Salute.

Now the mini's that I got from Valhalla, first Pontoonier Miniatures' Old West Mythic Creatures range figures that I got from Newline Designs. Here are OWS001 Male Big Foot and OWS002 Male Big Foot II
These are pewter figures; I'm not sure that I have any other pewter figs and they have an 'unusual' feel compared to other figs - not that it detracts from them in any way.  They are nice minis and I'm looking forward to painting them; I'm thinking (atm) of using a normal flesh colour for their non-furry parts to make them look closer to humans ...

I had not planned to get the Bigfoots or the next mini, OWS008 Jersey Devil (from the same range as the Bigfoots), but I liked them a lot and 'ooh-shiny!' attacked at just the right wrong time so I got them. I think I'll get use of them with the Cabin from the last post in some 7TV Creature Feature games. Unfortunately, the Jersey Devil pic below doesn't really show that its head is shaped like a horse's. Follow the link before the Bigfoots pic to see a better pic on the Newline site

Finally for this post are the Hellhounds from Second City Games that were £2 each (that link takes you to the page they're on but there is a lot there!). There are 2 variants of the Hellhound and I got one of each. They're nice figs that remind me a bit of the hound monsters in Ghostbusters ... ok, not much, but a bit! Again, I had no plan to get them, but I've got a bunch of plastic dog-monster things for Witchfinder (28mm ECW supernatural skirmish) that I thought these would make good pack leaders for, so again I got them.

That's it for this post; next time, the post will be about one of the Stoelzel Structure's buildings I'm making - probably whichever I finish first!


  1. Allo mate, I was looking at painting my bigfoots soon. I'll hold off a while. and maybe revisit them in 6 months. We don't want to bore anyone out in the blogosphere by seeing loads of the same.

    Love the Talos, I'll have to get one sometime down the line.

    All the Best Clint

    1. Don't hold off because I've got htem here Clint! They have yet to spend their obligatory 6-12 months in the lead mountain - can't paint them before that!

      Seriously, it will be a while before I get around to them, so please paint yours - I need the inspiration!

  2. Some lovely mini's there mate. Look forward to seeing them painted up at some point.

    1. Yeah, I'm very pleased with them. I have a strange feeling that Talos might be the first to get painted ... as I replied to Clint - it's going to be a while before the Bigfoots (and Jersey Devil) get painted anyway!

  3. That Talos is spectaculary big, but his legs are somewhat short, no? Well, still a great mini, I can imagine him be part of every ancient greek's table, hehe.

    1. Do you know I hadn't noticed that before, but I think you are right about Talos - not that it will stop me using it!