Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Response to the Lower Lab - ATZ Game Pt3

and now part 3. We left Shelldrake's team running away withdrawing to an alternate route.

Shelldrake opened the door and led his team across the corridor and into the room on the other side, which they found to contain glass tanks - each with a human inside, or something that had once been human anyway ...
Last out, Barley used his card to lock the door to the medical lab; down the corridor the monsters  could easily be heard still banging on the other door.
If at first you don't succeed ...
As Barley entered the tank room, Hugh swiped his card locking the door. 
"Eyes on the job, gents!" Shelldrake said as his team gazed at the tanks. "Same as the lab, round the corner and out the other door. Lock the other one as before."
'Secure' in the tank room, Shelldrake focussed his team
Unknown to Shelldrake and his team, the monsters heard the second door close ...

I gave the Zeds a 1 in 6 chance of hearing doors close ... guess what? yup, they heard the second closing

As the lead monster rounded the corner it saw Barley's boot disappear through the door. Within seconds they were trying to get through that door instead ...
if only they could swipe a card and use a keypad ...
Thankful the monsters were still the other side of a reinforced steel door, Shelldrake led his team round to the other exit, making sure the third door was swiped to a secure lock on the way.
second try ...
Opening the door to nothing but the sound of the monsters banging away 'round the corner, Shelldrake's team headed towards the main lab ...
McGrew led the team toward the main lab ...
... while Hugh brought up the rear.
As Shelldrake rounded the corner to the short corridor entering the main lab, he saw another tech's corpse lying there. "Was it bad that Barley and McGrew hadn't even bothered to mention it?" he thought to himself; but his reverie was interrupted by gunshots ...
another of the 'unaccounted' is found ...
McGrew had seen another monster standing by one of the doors to the offices where the staff were apparently trapped. Without hesitation the SMG already at his shoulder barked out a 3 round burst and the monster's head exploded, the contents splattering against the door in front of it.
McGrew deals with another of the 'subjects' ...
The lab looked like an explosion had wrecked it. The body slabs were knocked over, medical tools all over the floor, but then as Barley leapfrogged McGrew's position another burst roared across the lab, as Barley neatly drilled the remaining monster that had been out of McGrew's line of sight by the other door.
Barley dealt the last 'subject' in the room their final hand ...
Hugh, Pew, Barley, McGrew and Shelldrake were all in the main lab now getting ready to open the door to the offices ...
'Let's get these people and then the fuck outta here!"
But, none of the team had thought that the sound of the gunshots might attract the monsters they had left futilely banging on the tank room door ...
'Where are you? we're coming to get you!'
The first any of Shelldrake's team knew about it was the monsters slavering towards him as his guys formed up around the office entrance ...
oh bugger ...

End of part 3 ...


  1. Oh bugger seems to sum it up pretty good!!!

    1. seemed the only thing to say really ...

  2. Replies
    1. well, could have said that I suppose!

  3. "Backs to the enemy" is probably not a good plan.

    SNAFUed springs to mind.

  4. Ouch. Looking forward to 4.

    1. Hopefully will play out tonight and publish it either tonight or tomorrow

  5. Ragers - you evil !@#$!

    Ragers are not zombies! lol - just read the forum discussion!

    1. Well, I think that was the majority decision Mr SD, but is not necessarily my opinion! besides, I think that in this situation, you might be slightly biased!


  6. Bahahaha !! love it man.... their world is a shit pie and they are all going to have to take a bite.

    Only thing That I have to bring up is that Ragers should be easier to kill,right? in most movies a body shot or a headshot usaully does the trick, no? (happy to be corrected)....discuss :)

    1. With the ATZ 'Easy to Hit' rule (should really be 'Easy to Kill' rule) I think that that is covered

    2. OK cool, I dont have the Rager rules, I read your blog at work which means that I read it quickly, it felt like they were stronger than they should be, but I realised that I thought that when they were going hand to hand with Shelldrakes team, which is right, so my bad its all good :)

  7. This is really edge-of-the-seat stuff, Colin. I still fear it's all going to end badly for the security team.