Monday, 2 July 2012

ahhh ... well ... oops!

During the evenings last week, I managed to get all - well nearly all - the 'building' work done on my Stoelzel's Structures Hospital, with the intent of assembling it as a finished structure over the weekend and publishing a post on it today ...

However ... I bought Civilization 5 a couple of weeks ago, as I'm long been a fan of this game - having played the original waaay back in the dawn of PC gaming and installed it on my PC on Saturday evening. A mistook. As I woke up with a migraine on Sunday morning, my entire availalbe time over the weekend was spent either trying to sleep to evade the migraine, or lost in the time-sucking black hole that is 'Civ' ...

So no meaningful post today. If I manage to make it past the PC without turning it on tonight, then there's hope for a post on the hospital later in the week - but don't count on it!


  1. Ahh, Civ; far too much of my life lost to this game in the early days.
    "Must resist, must resist" -has to be your mantra.

    1. unfortunately, "Just one more turn ..." is more like it ;)

  2. Not played Civ in an age, what a great game!!!!

  3. LMAO know the feeling well of 'Just one more turn then off to bed'