Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Quick Update

Unfortunately, nothing substantive today. Just a post to let you all know I'm still here and working away on card and foamcore models.

As an indicator of what I'm upto, here is the Stolezel's Structures die-roller that is included with the Modular Urban Construction Kit (aka M.U.C.K.) that I built a while ago. I will do a post on it with more pics soon:

Last for this post is the model that I finished last night. It's a lorry from the Genet Models Convoy set, although when I bought it, the company was called "Ebbles Miniatures". This one has the fuel tanker body. I made a water tanker (in white) a long time ago, and I'm going to make a couple of the closed and open body versions (all in grey) to make a convoy/lorry-park as scenery for games. Just as a note, rather than score the folds necessary to create the tank shape, I used a ballpoint pen (pressing down hard) and I do like the way that's come out.
The set includes 15mm versions of the trucks, has 4 bodies (water tank, fuel tank, open bed and closed bed), each of which is in 4 colours - grey, white, tan and 'helo drab' The colour on the product page linked above).  Very nice models and worth the $5 the set costs (atm!)


  1. Still loking good. I may have to do my old dice tower from new. It really is crap when I look at it now.

    This may be the replacement!

  2. They look great, using the pen has made the edges appear softer and look much better

  3. Your tanker truck has come out great, Colin. Job well done, I'd say.

  4. Great looking odel, wish my card efforts came out as well as your's