Thursday, 29 November 2012

still around ...

Well, have been very busy of late, none of it hobby related unfortunately - what with trying to get the new home sorted and being very busy at work, I've had no time to indulge my hobbies at all :(

So I thought I should write a quick post to let you all know that I am still here, but lurking rather than posting.

That said, I did finally start reading Empire of the Dead today and although only having read the first 30 pages (out of 140+ in the book), so far I'm liking it a lot! 


  1. Absolutely adore the figures and premise. I've done up the figures for the demo rules, and enjoyed those a lot. Still been itching to make up some inspired by the penny dreads, like steel heeled jack, a Sweeney Todd and such. Definitely a fun set of rules.

  2. I like em as well. Really struggling for time myself at the moment. Getting the odd hour here and there though trying to get some bits finished.

  3. Hey we've all been there with the time thing, you just seem to get less and less. There's a freebie on the West Wind website for EotD. I read the article in WI 300 and enjoyed it.

  4. I've put you forward for my Liebster Award it's a bit of fun floating around the blog-o-spere to try and advertise thsose sites you like. Rules are on my site and about.