Friday, 28 December 2012

World Works Games sale

I had not intended to post in the Xmas - New Year gap, but when I got an email from World Works Games saying they had a 30% sale on I thought I'd share it with anyone interested in card modelling that didn't get it ...

(edited - should have said that the sale ends on 7th of Jan)

Anyway, I hope you all had a good Christmas and will enjoy whatever way you choose to celebrate the New Year.

Finally, my brother has finally persuaded me to try World of Tanks and I have to say, it's really quite fun! Zooming down a road, evading shots from Churchills and StuGIIIs in my BT7 brings a smile to my face even after being blown up time after time! If anyone who reads this blog is on there, my user name is cmnash - feel free to message me and we'll see if we can get blown up together! ;)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

about time (2!) ...

Still around, but not doing much :(  slowly clawing my way out of the pit that is depression, like a zombie searching for living flesh ...

Hmmm ... perhaps that was a bit of a morbid metaphor!  Anyway, hopefully the Christmas break will revitalise me enough to get into the hobby again.

And the new year should see my diecast car giveaway - I intend to post pictures of the diecast cars that I've accumulated for 28mm gaming and then give them to whomever wants them on a first come basis, in return for postage cost plus a 50p per vehicle charitable donation.

If I don't post again before Christmas, have a good time everyone!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

about time ...

I posted here! Not much has changed for me, still not getting much done, especially on the hobby front :(

I have recently tried reducing my happy pill allowance - in conjunction with my doctor, I hasten to add! - and it seems not to have worked very well :(  the pit has pulled me back in ...

Enough of my self-pity though!  I recently ordered a set of Colgar6's ATZ event cards - see this post on his blog for details: ATZ Event Cards: Finally! - and they arrived over the weekend, which was a pleasant surprise when I really needed one.

The cards are - IMNSHO - absolutely splendid and should be acquired by anyone who plays ATZ.  I really, really hope that Colgar6 is getting a kickback from ArtsCow for each set purchased as it is thoroughly deserved by him; a lot of work and thought has obviously gone into the cards and he should be rewarded for it.

Anyway, that's it for now; stay well everyone and Irqan, thanks for the Liebster award and I'll post on that soon (ish! ;) )