Friday, 28 December 2012

World Works Games sale

I had not intended to post in the Xmas - New Year gap, but when I got an email from World Works Games saying they had a 30% sale on I thought I'd share it with anyone interested in card modelling that didn't get it ...

(edited - should have said that the sale ends on 7th of Jan)

Anyway, I hope you all had a good Christmas and will enjoy whatever way you choose to celebrate the New Year.

Finally, my brother has finally persuaded me to try World of Tanks and I have to say, it's really quite fun! Zooming down a road, evading shots from Churchills and StuGIIIs in my BT7 brings a smile to my face even after being blown up time after time! If anyone who reads this blog is on there, my user name is cmnash - feel free to message me and we'll see if we can get blown up together! ;)


  1. Thanks for the tip anf a happy festivities to you.

  2. For one week only, Stoelzel's Structures are offering a 25% discount on all of their card models. This is a great time to purchse any of those card models you're missing.

    1. Thanks for that Bryan. There are also a lot of other great stuff in the Winter Offensive at Wargames Vault. Worth scrolling through the list of stuff.

  3. Oh world of tanks! I play that as well and I must say its quite addictive, being such a simple game :D

    I got horrible net lately, but ill add you to my friends list. I play as Mathyoo myself!

    And thanks for the heads up on WWG, but I must stay strong keep away from the card models :P

  4. Thanks for the heads up Colin, Hope your Christmas has been a good one!