Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Building Again ...

For a variety of un-interesting reasons, it's taken me a while to post once more; sorry guys (& any gals that might be there!)

Hobby related stuff that I have been doing recently is creating more buildings from print & build kits that I've got via Wargame Vault.

Having played - & thoroughly enjoyed! - WW2 skirmish most recently, I decided that I wanted to have a ruined village. As a result the first model I put together was Dave's Games' Wrecked House. You can see the first pic of this to the right with Zed-Me in front to show the size. The model assumes that it will be made from card, but I used 5mm foamcore for the walls as card (or 2mm mounting board that I've used previously) simply is not thick enough to seem 'right' with 28mm models. This meant having to cope with the inner walls each being 5mm too long; not a problem, but definitely something to consider if you do the same

 I've also decided (at the moment) not to put half the roof in place (as you can see to the left). The roof is made from 2mm mounting board (basically just 2mm thick card from Hobbycraft), as it 'seems right' for that to be thinner than the walls. The floor is foamcore, but I've put a layer of board under that. I made it larger than the model's "footprint" as I was intending to add scenic bits to it, but I'm not so sure now as that will make it harder to store safely - always a problem ...
Finally - for this build - to the right you can see the staircase as I've made the first* floor removable - not a standard feature of the build. To do this, I had to glue the roof piece in place, but I'm happy with teh result.  I'm going to cut down the board under the model so that it is a rectangle of the model's size (IIRC 6 x 9 inches) and cover the exposed corners of the board with some kind of 'rubble'.

*- I believe those on the wrong side of the pond would call it the second floor
Next are 2 versions of Dave's Games' Ruined Longhouse. This shows the versatility that the 'layers' in Dave's Games' models gives to all their products. Buying one model gives you access to lots of different appearances for your builds. Again, I made the walls from foamcore and and very happy with the result.

Sometimes though, this very versatility can cause problems ... with this build to the right, it wasn't until the final assembly that I realised there was no door! Easily remedied though, by hacking a hole through one of the end walls!
Waaay back in this post: dave-graffam-models-5-low-ruins, I posted about the low ruins I'd made.  I've never really been happy with them due to the wall thickness I mentioned above. So, I've made another couple of them using foamcore instead and they 'feel' much better.  I've used the same options for them, so at first glance they look identical, but have put different internal walls in them.
The internal walls aren't part of the kit as standard, but I just printed some extras walls with 'yellow concrete on both sides and then hacked them about until I was happy with them

This time though I've cut out the windows and doors and they look better for it!

Finally, to the left is a snap of the ground floor of my next build as a tease ... anyone recognise it?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

All Wargamers should sign this petition!!

I just stumbled across this on the bleaseworld blog:

"It's not often that wargamers get a bit hot under the collar and organise a petition but with the Royal Mail have introduced some rather ludicrous restrictions on the posting of water-based paint that are not only going to be a pain in the butt for gamers who have little option but to order paint online (even living in a city like Bristol I don't have a decent source for the paint I use) but also adversely impact the livelihoods of small online traders who supply wargamers.
Please read about what the Royal Mail have done, sign the petition and encourage others to do so..."

The original post on Bleaseworld is linked above

The petition itself is here - I encourage all who this will effect to sign it - I have already!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Warfare 13

As promised in the last post, I went to the Warfare convention at the Rivermead Leisure Centre in Reading (for those unfamiliar with it, the town name is pronounced "Redding" not "Reeding"). As ususal, I'd placed a number of pre-orders and fell victim (unsurprisingly!) to 'ooh-shiny!' on the day ...

This pic shows what I arrived with when I got home. You can see I got a copy of "Bolt Action" - something I hadn't intended to get, but I'd been to my brother's recently and he had recommended the game, so I thought I'd give it a try. The figures in the bottom centre are a British unit for the Indian Mutiny from Mutineer Miniatures who had a '5 packs for the price of 4' show offer.

The bag on the left with the blue boxes contains stuff for 2 new projects ... oops!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Last Friday's game

Last Friday evening I went to my local club - Farnborough Wargames Society - and played another game of Platoon, the club's WW2 skirmish rules derived from Peter Pig's PBI2 rules.

I took more pictures this time (as you can see)! The one to the right shows my Germans in a piece of club terrain (in the centre) and one of my Dave Graffam Models' Low Ruins builds in the corner (more about that excellent model is in this post: dave-graffam-models-5-low-ruins).

 To the left you can see Graham's British Para's (with my medic) at the start of the game. The game works on activating (by a d6 roll) the figures in a particular 6" square, the result giving the number of action points available. Casualties and being under fire give penalties, which is why there's a dead para and a rifle -1 marker in the square. The casualty markers do give a good look to the game - IMNSHO of course!
This pic gives a larger view of the centre of the table and as well as 2 of my low ruins, the roofless building is one I 'bashed' from Dave Graffam Models' Village Pub (more on that in this post: dave-graffam-models-1-pub).  The 2 buildings closest to the camera are held by my German section, the 2 by the centre crossroad hold Graham's British Para's and the one at the top has Alec's German section. This is where things started to go very badly indeed for the Brits
Graham's hand is in the pic to the left as well as my section in the centre bottom. In the wood to the right side is part of Neil's section, the rest in the building at the bottom right corner ... despite Neil's section in those 2 places and Graham's in the low ruin to the centre left, as well as the Brit Vickers MMG in the ruin by Graham's arm, the Brits were unable to force my section out of their ruin ...
Here we have a closer view of my section's position; having both buildings allowed them to support each other, as well as leading the Brits to split their fire. I tried to concentrate mine on Graham's section, only putting the occasional suppressing burst into Neil's. The 'pinned marker' (helmet on a rifle) in the left side ruin with Graham's section indicates that their last activation gave a 'Panicked!' result, which is the worst you can get and gives a penalty for their next activation ...
And here we see the buildings that had been occupied by Graham's section after the combined fire of Alec's and my section finally drove them out just before I occupied the ruin ... victory was close!
Victory achieved!! The remnants of the British Paratrooper platoon huddle in the ruin to the right. Strictly speaking I should have shown Neil's section who didn't have a casualty IIRC, but this pic went through the propaganda machine ...

A really fun, enjoyable game and it was great to get some of my figures (I provided the German force - an infantry platoon of 3 eight man sections, plus command and 80mm mortar) as well as some of my buildings on the table.

No game this week as I have my daughter, but I will be at Warfare tomorrow wearing my t-shirt with my blog address on the back - if you see me, say hello!

Finally for this post, last Friday at the club David and Gordon played a game of Too Fat Lardies' Sharp Practice. It was a Napoleonic British Naval landing party trying to destroy a French semaphore station. The table looked splendid:

But the thing that really caught my eye was Gordon's launch:
It looked great! He said he'd had it '30 years' and that it's still available!!  I'm tempted to get one myself, but I couldn't finish it as well as Gordon has ...

Friday, 8 November 2013

Last Friday

I've been meaning to post all week, but haven't got around to it :(

Anyway, last friday at my local club, I was going to play a game of Formula De against my good friend Andy. However, when we arrived (coincidentally at the same time) Graham and Alec invited us to join their game of Platoon, which is a club-written set of 28mm WW2 skirmish rules derived from the Peter Pig company rule set 'PBI2'.

So Andy and I took them up on the offer and thoroughly enjoyed it (well I did and I think Andy did!). I didn't take many photos, but those that I did follow:
In the pic above you can see 2 of the main elements of the game - the square based movement system and the buckets-o-dice combat RASH (Roll A Six to Hit) system.

 An action shot featuring Andy's and Graham's chest ...

Unfortunately the pic above is blurry, but it's trying to show some of Graham's figures.

We had so much fun that we're going to play again tonight! This time I'm taking my own figures and Hexon terrain along, so I'll (hopefully!) have more and better pics to post next time

I've just noticed that my "My Lead Men" page didn't have my WW2 28mm stuff on it, so I've just added it

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Onwards, ever onwards ...

Just an update to prove I'm still here ...

I've decided to take the new job at my current place, so at least that's resolved and there's no unemployment to endure.  There is, however, a foru month trial period in the new role, so the story hasn't really ended just yet.

I have managed to arange a game at the local club tomorrow night and will be playing Formula De, a fun game. I have a number of plans for this (as I seem to have for everything!) so it'll be good to get another game of it under my belt and maybe try a few new things for it, time permitting!

Hopefully now that the job situation is on a much more even keel, I'll be able to make some proper posts here again - thanks to all the followers for persevering with the blog through these unsettled times!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bad news ...

Apologies for yet another long gap between posts ...

However, for once I have a decent reason (at least I think  it is!). The day after making my last post, I was called into a meeting by my boss at work, and told that due to the reorganisation within my department (which I'd known about for quite a while) my post was no longer required and therefore if I did not take the new position, I would be made redundant ...  bit of a shock ...

So instead of making things and doing hobby stuff over the last couple of weeks, I've been feeling sorry for myself and trying to decide if I want to take the new role - which is VERY different from my current role - or redundancy and the attendant risk of finding a new job. I've been made redundant before (twice actually) and it's not much fun at all.

So apologies for the lack of updates and especially to Simon for not replying to his facebook contact (I rejoined facebook just before getting this news)

Monday, 23 September 2013

Willpower?? What's that?

It's been quite a week since my last post ... during which my willpower to resist new "shinies" seems to have evaporated completely :(

Having read a post ( planning-winter-war ) on Steve Blease's blog, I caved in and have backed the Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter.  This conflict is one that I've long wanted to game, so although slightly guilty about the expense (I've gone for the £120 'Border Assault' pledge) I'm happy to have done it.

(This pledge level will give me Finnish and Soviet Platoons and includes access to all stretch-goals - currently upto 19! - and free limited figures.)

Also, on Saturday just gone, I went to Newcastle to attend my younger sister's 40th birthday do (gawd do I feel old ... my little sister is 40!).  Anyway, I decided to visit Wargames Emporium in Sheffield on my way, so browsed their website to see what they had ...

After discovering their Hydra Miniatures' War Rocket pages, and then reading this detailed review of the game, I decided to shell out for the game and some miniatures. Needless to say, I got carried away and bought too much :(

Apart from increasing my lead & resin mountains, I'm still working on the rebasing of my 6mm zombie game figures. Despite what I said in my last post - 6mm-zombies - I've gone for 5 military or police on a base, 6 civilians and 8 zombies. I'll take some pics soon and post them here ...

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

6mm Zombies

Well after a delay my 6mm zombie hordes from Exodus Wars finally arrived over the weekend (would provide a link, but their webiste is down ...).  I got 4 packs each of which has 50 zombies in - 20 male and 10 of female, boy and girl zombies ... Exodus' in house painter has published a picture of the painted horde here and I'm looking forward to getting mine done soon.

Meanwhile, I've decided to re-base the military, police and civilians that you can see in this pic, from the last-but-one post. After considerable messing about trying to texture the bases, I decided that they looked too empty, so I'm doing them all again. This time they'll be on 25mm square bases. Instead of 4 figures on each military and police base, and 5 on a civilian base, I'm going to put 5 on a military, 6 on police and 7 or 8 (not sure atm) on the civilian bases.  As to the zeds ... I'll put together some mock-ups and seek advice from the blog-o-sphere soon!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Not a city, but a building ...

Well, I didn't get the 'cityscape' together last night, but I did get out one of the buildings I've made ... I also did a 'proof of concept' on the base finish I intend to use. You can see that on the smaller support base - as well as the top of the building - in the photo to the right. Also there is one of the police bases.

To the left you can see an angled shot of the building with the bases still on the top to give an idea of size. Unfortunately, the building's colour is really washed out in this pic ...
... but this pic - despite it's decidedly pooh quality :( - gives a much better idea of the colour!

I got a lot more painting and first stage basing done last night and hope to get more done tonight, although there's no promise of an update as rapidly as this one appeared!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Finally painted something!

Over the weekend, I managed to get some paint onto some figures! It may not sound like much of an acievement (and the grand scale of things, it really isn't ...), but I'm pleased, as I can't really remember the last time I painted anything ... :(  I've got pics below of what I've painted, and the cars I got from eBay that I mentioned in my last post; however, I've just added a desk lamp which seems to have made the photos to bright :( I suppose it makes a change from too dark though!

Anyway, last week I'd managed to base up all the 6mm figures I'd got from Irregular to use with ATZ-Mass Hysteria, and you can see them in the group pic to the right. Humans in ATZ-MH come in 3 types, Military, Police or Civilians and in the pic, the Military bases are in the green rectangle, Police in the blue, and civvies in the red. As you might be abble to make out, there are 2 types of Military bases: 'normal' and 'support' (the smaller ones at the top).

To the left is a close-up of  one of the painted 'normal' military bases. Flesh for hands & faces, leaf green for uniform, umber for boots and dark grey for weapons is the extent of colours used.  With 6mil's the key is to paint in blobs and remember they'll be seen at arm's length!
Here is one of the Police bases. Again a very simple scheme. As this photo and the one before show, I've gone with 4 figures per base for the Military and Police, but five for civilians - none of them painted so no pics!  I've not got any zed bases done yet - figures not arrived! - but when I do them, I'll stick as many on as I can manage for a real horde effect ...
So, as all the military bases were done, I dipped them using Army Painter magic dip, strong tone. This really gives the mini's a great finish, although the pics don't do it justice I'm afraid ...  to the left is a normal base
Here is one of the two types of support base I've done - this is a GPMG
And here is the second type of support base - a mortar team. In Grekwood mini's accesory sale (thanks Carl!) I got some Extra fine ballast that I'm going to use to finish the bases
I trawled back through my photos and found this picture to the right that shows more clearly how the dip finishes the 6mil figs - in this case a Baccus WSS infantry strip (the sames as recently seen in this post on Clint's blog); for before and after dipping pics see this post:
On to the cars I purchased from eBay. For the princely sum of £6.17 (with free p&p) I got the bag of painted model cars that you see to the left. Allegedly it contains 100 painted cars, but I haven't counted them ;)
The ebay item description (hope the link works!) describes them as 'N/Z 1:200' scale, but as you can see in the pic to the right they fit almost perfectly with the (supposedly!) 1/300th figures from Irregular - at least IMHO!
And they also seem to fit with the 1/300th vehicles that I got from Irregular at the same time, which are (l-r in pic) a fire engine (which seems very small to me!), Transit Van and Saxon APC
Apart from use as board clutter/decoration, I intend to use them to make the barricades that ATZ-MH allows you to make to slow the onrushing zed horde, and the pic to the right shows a quick mock-up of how that might appear; not entirely sure at present how I'll do it though ...
That's it for this post; next time I'll show the city-scape I've made for the game, and hopefully some more of the figures painted

Friday, 6 September 2013

very small cars and world war z

I watched World War Z last night. While some of the effects were very good (particularly the zeds piling up and the way they blindly ran off rooftops), all-in-all I felt a bit disappointed when it had finished ... No battle of Yonkers or anything similar; in fact, although it's been quite a while since I read the book, nothing really connected the film to the book for me ...

Moving on, I took a chance on ebay not long ago and ordered "100 Model Car Building Train Layout Set N Z Scale 1/200", hoping that they'd fit with 6mm miniatures for my ATZ: Mass Hysteria plans. I am very pleased to say that they do and I'll put some pics of them up soon - honest!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Blimey - a whole month!

I didn't realise just how long it's been since my last post, but it's just over a month now!!

I have been busy though - World of Tanks has been thoroughly played, and I've also been making a 6mm city from the free downloads available at Hawk Wargames. (Although they are 10mm scale, printing the A3 size downloads as A4 and the A4 at two pages per sheet has made them just about right for 6mm)

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of them at the moment, but I'll put some up in my next post (which will hopefully be sooner than a month!).

And, just in case you were wondering, I've been building them for a new project - 6mm All Things Zombie Mass Hysteria as well as for 6mm Sci-Fi..

Friday, 26 July 2013

AAR - IHMN 28-Jun

Well, it's taken me long enough, but finally, here is an after-action-report on my first game of In Her Majesty's Name, that happened on the 28-Jun at Farnborough Wargames Society against Andy and his Blue Tortoise Tong.

So here goes ... first of all we have group pics of the opposing Companies:
The Blue Tortoise Tong Her Majesty's Martian Constabulary
As you can see, I included a Steam Carriage in my Company, complete with Machine Gun! Anyway, for the game, I provided the terrain and a sketch of a scenario.

The terrain was foamboard tiles from the WWG Mars Station set, with assorted resin pieces that I've picked up over the years scattered over the tiles. In the corner was the one part of the Maritan fort that I posted about here:  a-mars-day-keeps-you-busy. and here's a pic of it all laid out:
Field of battle ...
The tiles are 7 inch square, giving us a total battlespace of 35" x 35".

The scenario that I came up with was that the fort wall represented the edge of a newly discovered Martian ruin that was believed to hold unspecified ancient technology. The tong and HMMC were the first 2 companies to arrive at the site and whichever held possession of the fort wall at the end of the game was the winner.

Terrain accepted and scenario agreed, we got on with deployment. We agreed that the centre tile of the 2 sides without the wall would be our deployment areas, and, taking it in turns to put out figures, this is how it ended up:
Deployment completed
The dastardly Tong The Constabulary ready to go!
As you can see in the above pic, Andy had created useful counters that were needed to remember various abilities and movement. I didn't take notes on what happened, so the report that follows is from memory (uh-oh!) prompted by the pictures ...

Turn 1 saw both companies spreading out; mindful of the scenario, I sent my senior company members on a 'left hook' heading for the fort while attempting to evade the tong. Andy picked up on this and did the same thing on the right, while his fanatic swordsmen headed straight towards the constables ...

Turn 2 saw the tong's fanatics closing with the constables ...
although by the end, one of the fanatics was in a precarious position!

Here is the whole board at the end of turn 2; as you can see, my fastest people had reached the fort's walls ...
However, after a couple of turns' worth of combat, things were looking bleak for HMMC. The good doctor was down and the out-numbered fanatic proved more than a match for the constables 

I managed to get more people onto the wall, but unfortunately, so did Andy! I was really trying to get his leader to use a mystical power on Sheldon Cooper-Holmes, just so I could reveal his impervious ability (i.e. immune to mystical powers). Alas, despite manoeuvring to keep him in the firing line, it was not to be :(

Meanwhile, outside the fort, things had gone from bad to worse for HMMC. Only Inspector Corbitt, Sergeant Barker and the carriage driver were still active ... the grenade thrown by one of the tong's masked minions had - thankfully! - failed to hurt the carriage.

Even worse, with the Sergeant now gone as well, Andy managed a 1-in-100 roll for the combat!

(The two masked minions were helping the fanatics, so only 2 dice were rolled)
Now desperate measures were required ... the steam carriage traversed its turret and began firing into the combat, hoping that the heroic inspector did not fall victim ...

(We decided that the MG should roll to hit all the combatants, including the Inspector!)
Meanwhile, on the fort's wall, it seemed that neither side could gain the upper hand ...
The intervention of the steam carriage had the desired effect and soon brought the Inspector's desperate fight to a more level situation ...
But then the Inspector's (or was it the Gunner's?) luck finally ran out, and the Inspector was also brought low by the hail of bullets ...
By the wall, it seemed that the survivors of HMMC had gained a (small!) tactical advantage, but here was where we ended the game.
Due to the steam carriage still being active, and more of the HMMC people in the fort, Andy was generous enough to concede the game to me.

However, I think that Andy played much more in the spirit of the game, than I did, so I think he deserved it more!

deatils of my company - Her Majesty's Martian Constabulary are here