Monday, 28 January 2013

Modelling again ...

and I don't mean back on the catwalk! ;)

Well I finished Fallout: New Vegas on saturday, so on sunday I decided to make something as it's been a looong, long time since I have.

So with the Walking Dead dvds playing, I made vehicles from Stoelzel's Auto Park Playset & Trailer Town Playset as well as making a start on a car park from the Undeveloped Real Estate (again a Stoelzel's product).

I'm not that happy with how they've come out, but I shall endeavour to get some pic's taken tonight to share soon.


  1. We need to see the pictures! Pretty please :-) ...

  2. Great stuff, i cant wait for pics. i made a car park also, now i started the Big Box to go with it

  3. Car parks all all the rage these days it seems, looking forward tp the piccies.

  4. Look forward to the pics mate.