Tuesday, 12 February 2013

MDF Boards Update

Back in this post - zombie-blog-mdf-boards-and-cardboard - I mentioned that I'd bought some 3mm MDF boards to stick terrain to.

Originally, I'd printed pieces out and stuck the paper directly to the board, but as I said in that post, they'd warped ...

So I tried gluing 2mm mounting board to the 3mm MDF, but despite leaving them compressed under weights for about 4 days, by the time I'd stuck the terrain prints to the card, the boards had again warped to an unacceptable degree.

So they are now stacked in 2s and serving as my newest shelves.  Moral of this is getter thicker than 3mm next time!

Obviously, your mileage may vary!

So, having given up on them, I've created a car park from Stoelzel's Structures' Undeveloped Real Estate by gluing it direct to foamboard, along with a new building created from the Stoelzels' MUCK.

Pictures will appear of these in my next post


  1. Have you tried a different glue mate?

  2. Glue type, (and the amount you apply) could well be the problem.

  3. Hmm, I'm thinking of creating terrain modules from 2' squares of MDF. So, if 3mm isn't thick enough then would 5mm work? 10mm would be very heavy to transport :-( . What glue(s) do people advise for this type of work?

  4. I look forward to seeing the photos of your car park, Colin. I've just made two of them using Carl's Parking Strip and Parking Lot.

    As others have said, I think the glue you use is the cause of your warping.

  5. I never seem to have any luck using MDF, it always warps. I'll look forward to see the carpark though.

  6. Arrrgghhhh, I feel your pain. Years backing I bought my wife a Dollhouse (gave a nice theme for presents over several years), and she had let the siding get wet, to the point of curling. The most frustrating wood working project I ever did was getting these curled siding pieces clamped flat enough for the glue take hold and keep their forced shape. Before that, I tried everything, steaming them, soaking them, clamping them under weight for days.... ...no luck. In the end, I even had to use the strongest wood glue I could find as the "standard" grade just didn't cut it.

    The only thing I could suggest in addition to the glue is to seal the entire board first, so that there is no "raw" side for moisture to escape unevenly.

  7. Sorry mate that is a pain, i think its better to stick to foam board or mounting board for ground tiles. or as the guys said it might be the glue. I used MDF in some of my 40K scratch builds, but i never had much warping i think i depends on how big a piece or board you use

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