Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Just arrived - "A World Aflame" and WarThunder

from Osprey site
Only a small update today ...  due to returning an unsatisfactory birthday present, I had a credit on my amazon account, and decided (eventually) to buy the "A World Aflame" wargame rules by Osprey Publishing.  (Note they are much cheaper from Amazon though!)

This won't be a review as I've not played them (or even read it all!) as yet, but from what I have read, I think that they would be ideal for my VBCW 15mm stuff that I'm intending to paint, and for the 20mm WW2 Norway game I want to do ...

As an example, units only have a limited amount of ammunition, but it can be resupplied in game and the rules use chance cards, both things that I like. They were written by Paul Eaglestone of Empress Miniatures with the Spanish Civil War and VBCW in mind, and I am very much looking forward to trying them out, although, unfortunately, I doubt that it will be any time soon :(

Also, some colleagues on World Of Tanks recommended "War Thunder" a free MMO WW2 airplane game. I've tried it, and thought it was damn fine, but I can't get on with flight simulators, so have given up on it :(  If flight sims are your thing though, you should give it a try!


  1. Sounds good enjoy reading it!

  2. The rules sound interesting, you'll have to letus know how they eventually pan out.

  3. Sounds good, Osprey do awesome books.