Monday, 29 April 2013

Sa-Loot 13; part the third ...

Yet more pictures of the new toys I got at Salute '13.  In case you hadn't twigged yet, I did get a teeny-tiny bit carried away and increase my lead mountain by more than is really good for me ... Most of these photos include a 40mm Greek and Zed-Me as size indicators.

 So, first up this time, are the Argonauts from Crooked Dice mainly for 40mm Greek project, but who knows I may use them for 7TV at some point as well. I also got their March deal of the month - the Bionic Bordello but forgot to photo them ... oh well!
 To the left is a pic of the 2 figures that I got from Alternative Armies' Typhon range, the TY03 Hoplite and HE08 The Medusa (or as I think she should be called, "The fallen Medusa with the big boobies" ...). Again these are my 40mm Greek project
 And this one shows the Medusa assembled - which was really easy to do; just a dab of superglue and the arms went right on.

Next, are 2 figures from Fenris Games,on the left - FGGK01 Goatkin brute "Rocky" and on the right, a Bronze Age Miniatures FGBRZCNT4 - Mare Crustulam, centaur guard. I had wanted to get some other Bronze Age mini's figures as I'd read on the net that they were big enough to use with 40mil's, but they didn't work for me. They are almost tall enough, but the proportions are different - the heads and hands being too small are the most noticeable. I'm not entirely certain about the centaur, but I think I'll get away with it ...

Penultimately for today, is the Heresy mini's Sharclon Officer with Destructor Pistol. I had bought some Heresy stuff (in next post) in advance via PayPal, and when I did, it added postage automatically, which was wrong as I was going to collect them from Salute. I was told that the postage would be refunded, but it still hadn't been on the day, so when I asked for it at the stand, I was told I could have the £3.60 postage or a  £4 figure instead. Never one to turn down a chance of saving money, I went for the Sharclon (stands for SHort-Arsed-Clone, I was told) officer, as I had been thinking of buying it anyway. It comes with 4 heads and that's the one I'll use, although it's not glued on in this pic ...

Finally, as I'd got them out of the packets, I thought I'd show you some of the Otherworld Mini's monsters I got, and how they size up with 28mm and 40mm.  I'm really please with them; as well as being great casts, they're the right size for what I want, but they are really big against the 28mm!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Sa-Loot 13; part the second ...

First of all this time, a couple of apologies ... my last post should have been numbered as I've got loads'a'loot at Salute and it'll take three posts to show it all off. So I rectified that, and my last post now is appended 'part the first'

Secondly, I mentioned in my last post that I got blank dice from eM4 Miniatures, but didn't say why! They are for a print'n'play game from Dave's Games called Solid State War (I got it from Wargames Vault, but it's now longer listed there, but is still on  It's a near future air combat game that uses custom dice - hence the purchase.

As I have Stoelzel's Structures excellent Church of the Faithful to build at some point, I thought I'd need an appropriate 'boss' for that magnificent structure, so I got the 'Bishop with Crozier' from eM4 that you can see to the right. He's been glued to a coin and polyfillaed to hide the figure's base. Next step is smooth the filler and uncover his feet before undercoating.

Note: The Bishop is hidden away in eM4's fantasy section, so it's not easy to find ...
Next up are some figures from Ironclad Miniatures that were new releases for Salute. I think SimonQ (aka Brummie) with his Empire of the Dead thing going on will be particularly interested in these VSF mini's.
The top pic is pack 'ODD08 Police armed with rifles' and the bottom pic is 'CH32 Sgt Barker' (left) with 'CH31 Inspector Corbitt' (right), none of which are listed on their webshop yet ...

Those with fond memories of a certain double act on UK TV in the 70's and 80's may well recognise the Sargeant and Inspector ... a certain 'Blower' from 'Olde London Towne' ?

Last for this post, are the 3 poses from the 15mm Peter Pig's 'Bayonet and Ideology' Spanish Civil War range pack 59 'Female militia in civilian dress'. I got these to add a bit of variety to my VBCW militia.The pack I got had 3 of each of the outside models and 2 of the centre figure.

That's it for this post. Next time (the last on Sa-Loot) we'll have the toys I got from Hasslefree and Fenris (and maybe some others that I can't remember right now!)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sa-Loot 13; part the first ...

In my last post - salute-pics - I promised to post pics of the new toys that I got at Salute last weekend, and here they are.

First up is the 'Looters & Drunk' pack from Warm Acre. Back in October last year, I posted (here: new-arrivals-at-my-hovel-01) about the Warm Acre figures I'd bought online and described how they came with the metal slottabase top. Anyway, I didn't get around to using them between then and now, so I took them along to Salute, intending to return them to Warm Acre. When I got to them, I asked if I could exchange them (I had 30 of them) for the No Go Zone Drunk mini, and they gave me this pack with it in! Very nice people!

I've been looking at the Otherworld Miniatures website of and on for ages now, but had yet to take the plunge and actually buy something. I hoped that a lot of their stuff (which seems to be based on illustrations from the AD&D monster manual) would be compatible with my 40mm Greeks project, but wanted to see it 'in the metal', as it were, before buying. So I took one of my Greeks with me to compare ... and as you can see from the pics - it was and I bought a bunch of it!

So, there is the Dire Wolf Pack, Giant Boars, Giant Lizard, Giant Toad (which the website showed as being on sale - £6 not £9 - and although that was wrong, they let me have it at the sale price; more nice people!), Altar & Braziers set, Ogre Chieftain and Aspis Warriors.

Although I've not had any of them out of the packs to have a play with yet, I am very pleased with them and can easily see me getting more of these great figures.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 61 had an article in it on using the SAGA rules for Colonial Warfare which I found very interesting. There was also a note (which I, typically, can't find now) saying that Warbases were selling dice to go with the variant, so I got a set of each side from them (pictured right) as well as a stack of their premium bases. This was the first time I'd got premium rather than standard (laser-cut versus sawn) and I'll be using them from now on.

Next up are some blank dice that I got from eM4 miniatures along with a bunch of bases, mainly for the 40mm Greeks. I'd also pre-ordered some transparent counters to use as hit markers - as per Colgar6's excellent 'how-to' post - but they weren't in the bag that I got from the stand! An email to them on Monday (IIRC) and they'll be with me soon.

Finally, for this time anyway ;) , is the 2mm desert village that I got from Brigade Models. I've already undercoated them as you can see, and I've included zed-me as a size guide for those unfamiliar with the teeny-tinies.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Salute Pics

[Is that a bandwagon driving by?!? I must jump on it!]

First of all apologies for yet another extended absence.  I've not been motivated to do much of anything lately, but having been to Salute last Saturday (and yet again missed the bloggers' meet), I'm feeling slightly more oomph to get things done.

So, as a first step, I thought I'd follow the latest trend in wargames blogs and post some pics I took on the big day and next time, I'll post some pics of my new toys (including what I got when I got just a teensy bit carried away at the Otherworld Miniatures stand); anyway, the pictures ...

As we all know, wargaming has its own fads - and judging by the games at Salute, it seems that the latest is Victorian Science Fiction.  As that is something that I'm very interested in, my pics are of those games as I'm sure there are better pics and reviews on other blogs ...
A non-VSF pic; the 36' monstrosity that was
the Warlords' Hammers' Slammers game ...
The "In Her Majesty's Name" (Osprey's forthcoming
Steampunk rules) game (IIRC!)
Detail shot of the IHMN game; this alley is
at the bottom centre of the previous  pic
Other than being VSF, I'm not sure what this game was ...
Wolsung (another steampunk skirmish game) I think ...
it didn't come across as particularly ... 'memorable' unfortunately ...
Or this might have been Wolsung ....
I don't know what this game was either, but it is much
more striking than the previous 2 games; the simple, but very
innovative terrain was very striking
close-up of the swan flying over the building
in the centre right of the above pic
This game really caught my eye just as I was leaving; this was a
Fantasy (not VSF) game by the Ilford club that used homegrown
rules and 'Uncharted Seas' ships - v.v. impressive 
One of the ships from the above game
Dragon ship from same game; in the background
is one of the floating islands that looked very good