Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sa-Loot 13; part the first ...

In my last post - salute-pics - I promised to post pics of the new toys that I got at Salute last weekend, and here they are.

First up is the 'Looters & Drunk' pack from Warm Acre. Back in October last year, I posted (here: new-arrivals-at-my-hovel-01) about the Warm Acre figures I'd bought online and described how they came with the metal slottabase top. Anyway, I didn't get around to using them between then and now, so I took them along to Salute, intending to return them to Warm Acre. When I got to them, I asked if I could exchange them (I had 30 of them) for the No Go Zone Drunk mini, and they gave me this pack with it in! Very nice people!

I've been looking at the Otherworld Miniatures website of and on for ages now, but had yet to take the plunge and actually buy something. I hoped that a lot of their stuff (which seems to be based on illustrations from the AD&D monster manual) would be compatible with my 40mm Greeks project, but wanted to see it 'in the metal', as it were, before buying. So I took one of my Greeks with me to compare ... and as you can see from the pics - it was and I bought a bunch of it!

So, there is the Dire Wolf Pack, Giant Boars, Giant Lizard, Giant Toad (which the website showed as being on sale - £6 not £9 - and although that was wrong, they let me have it at the sale price; more nice people!), Altar & Braziers set, Ogre Chieftain and Aspis Warriors.

Although I've not had any of them out of the packs to have a play with yet, I am very pleased with them and can easily see me getting more of these great figures.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 61 had an article in it on using the SAGA rules for Colonial Warfare which I found very interesting. There was also a note (which I, typically, can't find now) saying that Warbases were selling dice to go with the variant, so I got a set of each side from them (pictured right) as well as a stack of their premium bases. This was the first time I'd got premium rather than standard (laser-cut versus sawn) and I'll be using them from now on.

Next up are some blank dice that I got from eM4 miniatures along with a bunch of bases, mainly for the 40mm Greeks. I'd also pre-ordered some transparent counters to use as hit markers - as per Colgar6's excellent 'how-to' post - but they weren't in the bag that I got from the stand! An email to them on Monday (IIRC) and they'll be with me soon.

Finally, for this time anyway ;) , is the 2mm desert village that I got from Brigade Models. I've already undercoated them as you can see, and I've included zed-me as a size guide for those unfamiliar with the teeny-tinies.


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    1. Thanks Simon; check out part 2 for some figs that I think will be of more interest to you!

  2. Great loot! I got a pack of transparent tokens for the exact same use as well! :D

    1. Sorry I missed you Mathyoo, but I'm very glad that you had a good time

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    1. Thanks Mr Zed, King of the Coffee Stirrers! In the last pic, I hope you noticed that I found another use for the very versatile stirrers!

  4. OH cool, otherworld minis are so cool, very D&D like, and the 2mm (so small)village am very interested to see what you do with it.

    1. They are indeed TE, very much so. I'll be interested to see what I do with the village as well!! ;)