Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Salute Pics

[Is that a bandwagon driving by?!? I must jump on it!]

First of all apologies for yet another extended absence.  I've not been motivated to do much of anything lately, but having been to Salute last Saturday (and yet again missed the bloggers' meet), I'm feeling slightly more oomph to get things done.

So, as a first step, I thought I'd follow the latest trend in wargames blogs and post some pics I took on the big day and next time, I'll post some pics of my new toys (including what I got when I got just a teensy bit carried away at the Otherworld Miniatures stand); anyway, the pictures ...

As we all know, wargaming has its own fads - and judging by the games at Salute, it seems that the latest is Victorian Science Fiction.  As that is something that I'm very interested in, my pics are of those games as I'm sure there are better pics and reviews on other blogs ...
A non-VSF pic; the 36' monstrosity that was
the Warlords' Hammers' Slammers game ...
The "In Her Majesty's Name" (Osprey's forthcoming
Steampunk rules) game (IIRC!)
Detail shot of the IHMN game; this alley is
at the bottom centre of the previous  pic
Other than being VSF, I'm not sure what this game was ...
Wolsung (another steampunk skirmish game) I think ...
it didn't come across as particularly ... 'memorable' unfortunately ...
Or this might have been Wolsung ....
I don't know what this game was either, but it is much
more striking than the previous 2 games; the simple, but very
innovative terrain was very striking
close-up of the swan flying over the building
in the centre right of the above pic
This game really caught my eye just as I was leaving; this was a
Fantasy (not VSF) game by the Ilford club that used homegrown
rules and 'Uncharted Seas' ships - v.v. impressive 
One of the ships from the above game
Dragon ship from same game; in the background
is one of the floating islands that looked very good


  1. Some good photographs there, shame the terrain for IHMN is a bit anachronistic for Victorian London. There did seem to be a large proportion of Sci-Fi, cyberpunk etc type games there rather than the strictly historic ones.

  2. You were missed at the bloggers meet and you absence was commented on. (By the other Zombie Bloggers). Would have been great to have met you, Hopefully next year. Although if you have seen the picture of all the bloggers together you may well decide against it! (And no one could blame you!)

    I think both games may have been "Wolsung" but I could be wrong, there was a lack of signage on many games.

    As for the lack of motivation we all go through it sometimes. You can't force it (and be happy) so go at your own pace.

    As for

  3. Thanks for the pics they are both indeed the Wolsung tables. Its a mixture if fnatasy and steampunk it has Orcs, Elves and Dwarves with a steampunk flavour. If you've ever played the pc game Arcanum its very familiar.

  4. Nice pics mate, it's a shame we missed you at the meet, us zombie guys were a bit thin on the ground! You'll have to make a point to join us next time or I'll have to sent Clint to hunt you down lol

  5. The 'Victorian' London terrain was simply splendid to play upon and was full of little pockets of humour. Anyone spot the Gruffalo hiding in the trees or Amy Pond and the Doctor being chased by just about everyone?
    I'd really like to thank everyone who stopped by and wished us luck with this new game, and Shaun of The Bunker who brought the terrain down at the last moment.
    Craig (one of the IHMN authors).