Friday, 24 May 2013

Clearco Miniatures 02

I got some more photos done this morning before leaving for work and these are a bit better and are probably as good as I'm going to get until I get my lighting sorted properly.  So first up is a line-up style shot with the Clearco girls mixed up with other manufacturer's figures as a size indicator.

From left to right in the pic below the manufacturer's are: Copplestone, Clearco, Clearco, Copplestone, Clearco, Clearco, Studio (I think!), Clearco, Clearco, Black Cat Bases.
As I said before, the figures are on the large side, but as you can see they fit nicely. They are also different heights (as real people are funnily enough!) and are help by not being on slottabases, although if they were, it wouldn't be an issue - for me anyway. Obviously YMMV.

Onto individual pics of each of the figures; in each of them the Clearco girls are paired with Van Fampi and Zed-Me, two figures that I have used a lot for size inidication.
added right hand (RH) pistol
no hands added
added RH pistol
added RH pistol
added RH pistol & LH hammer
open RH, put spade in it
So there you have it - my painting of the Clearco Female Survivor set. One thing I should mention is that Juan, the man behind Clearco, mentioned that the spade in the last lady's hand was intended to be held by the lady in the second photo - I guess with the handle resting on her hand - and the lady in the last pic was intended to hold the crowbar ... I might change them to match the intentions, but I'm not sure.

In other news:
  • Did some more painting last night and decided on the uniform colours for Her Majesty's Martian Constabulary; need to check how it looks in the cold light of day yet though ...
  • Did some work playing with Stoelzel's 'The Cottage' yesterday to 'redden' it up for a Mars version; the prints look good
  • I was right - 6 IHMN companies identified and in the process of quantifying them


  1. Very nice mate, I really like how you have painted them.

  2. Good work mate I like them so much bore now I can see them painted.

  3. Nice work mate, nice selection of weaponry as well :D

  4. They look good and it's nice to see you haven't overdone their weaponry.