Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Mars a day keeps you busy ...

Today's post is mainly about terrain I have been making for my upcoming IHMN game (and future ones) set on Mars. I've also included some pics of the steam tanks I painted a while ago as I might be using one on Friday, and the 1/1200th stuff I've been painting off and on ...

In my last post, I included this photo of the beginning of my Martian Fort ... as I said then, its moved on quite a bit, as the following photos show.

This one is a close up that (hopefully!) allows you to see the detail of the plastic sheeting I've used to clad the foamboard. The sheet has an embossed pattern of 'stone setts' and not bricks as I mistakenly said in my last post.  You can also see the wall filler I put inside the wall to give it a bit more weight and stability - which has worked very well!
 The pic to the right shows the wall post undercoating (using Halfords' Red primer) with the cocktail stick palisade in place ...
 A close-up with Sgt Barker behind the palisade ...
Another close-up, but from behind the wall this time.

I'm very pleased with how this has turned out so far; it still needs some paint so we'll have to wait for that  before final conclusions are drawn though ...
To the left is the first of the Martian tiles I've made. It's from the World Works Games Mars Station set and it'll certainly do the job until I can get some flock'n'stuff on it. FYI, it's a 7 inch square

In this pic to the right is my first attempt at Martian Flora using some of Products for Wargamers DIY jungle plants. I was wondering how I would be able to get paint to stick to the plastic plants effectively, so have tried using a red permanent marker. I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.

Next up is the first of the terrain pieces I got from 'The Square' at Valhalla, "The Hatch". At only £2, I think it was a bargain and am looking forward to using, not in the first IHMN game, probably the second. (If you're reading this Andy, I do have cunningly cunning plan! BWAHAHAHA!!!)
And here is the set of "Alien Trees" from 'The Square'. To be honest, they look a lot like they've been moulded from pine cones, but I like them and the tentacles at the base are a nice touch. Once I get them painted and some orange scatter stuff on them, I think they'll look a lot better (I hope so anyway!)

Some steam vehicles I painted a while ago ...




And finally, on the left is a Turkish Aeronef and the right a section of Turkish Ironclads.  I was hoping for some feedback on the colour scheme; do you think it works?


  1. Great work so far mate. I like the wall, toothpicks are a nice touch. What about martians?

    As for the turkish scheme, can't enlarge pics for some reason, but I think it works fine. You got colors from the flag, how could that be bad? :)

    1. Thanks Mathyoo - Martians are currently in progress ... I hope to have some pics 'soon' (whatever that actually works out to be!)

      You can't enlarge the pics, as I removed that from the post - the pics as shown in the post are approx actual size, and I didn't want anyone able to zoom and seehow badly they are apinted! :)

  2. Thanks for the 'Heads-up' about Products for Wargamers- I'd not heard of them before! I could use some dense foliage! The fort is coming on nicely, and I love the steam vehicles!

    1. Thanks Gunrunner - PfW have a good range of stuff; a browse of their site is well worth it IMO

      And thanks for the kind words too!

  3. Great job on the wall, Tiles look good as well. Looking forward to seeing it all laid out. Still love those steam tanks!

    1. Not got any further with the wall yet Simon, although I have got some more tile sheet to make more ... the thought of cutting all those cocktail sticks is very disheartening atm!

      I'm pleased with the tanks - and who'd have thought you could get so many shades of light grey?!

  4. Range have some Aquarium plants (corals? - in which case they wouldn't be plants) in purples and oranges, which might of use.


    1. ooh - thanks for the tip David! and please comment more often!