Monday, 24 June 2013

New Shop and New Terrain

Andy had mentioned to me that there was a model shop close to me that I knew nothing about, so Saturday saw me in the new(ish) realworld presence of the webstore SnM Stuff.  Despite the myriad numbers of goodies sold by Sean (the proprietor), I was able to discover some self-control and spend less than £15! You can see to the right what I purchased - some red(ish) flock, orange scatter stuff (both for bases of my mars figures), 1mm drills, slottabase pack, a new pin-vice and a large plastic sheet with moulded brickwork on it. A very nice haul, I thought, and I'm already planning what to get next time!

Something I will definitely be getting again is the brick-sheeting, as I've already used most of it in my first piece of terrain for the game of IHMN this Friday. I'm planning to get at least one wall of a Martian fort on the table - here's a WIP photo of it:

I took that pic on Saturday and it's moved on considerably since then - it's almost ready for undercoating now ...

In other news:
  • An informative (as usual!) post on the evil mastermind Colgar6's blog may well see me making first  mail order to Japan in the near future!
  • It seems that Wilkinsons' have tiles that are useful for IHMN - as seen in this post
  • Still trying to get the latest issue of 'Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy', but it's not in WHSmiths (where it normally is) nor can I get the pdf yet :(
  • Vampifan's condition seems worse than I had at first thought :(  Vampi's brother (Mikie) is keeping us up to date via comments on the latest post on Vampi's blog here; thanks to him for doing that! Get well soon Vampi!


  1. I was a bit worried when I saw you were visiting an SnM store, but all's well that end well.
    Some good stuff there especially the brick sheeting, unbelievable value.
    The Mars terrain is going to be one of those projects I'm interested in seeing develop.

  2. It's nice to know that there are still local model shops, at least in some parts of the world (and don't blame me for your lack of self-control; I'm not really as evil as people make out, you know :-) ).

  3. We always put the contents of the latest issue on the website and in the newsletter as soon as it goes to the printer. For some reason, a lot of readers thought it was actually out at that time. As a bi-monthly, WSS always appears at the end of every even month, as it did this time. And if you haven't received yours yet, it's on its way, and apologies for any confusion we may have caused. It also should be in stores early next week.