Thursday, 20 June 2013

Game Arranged, Andy's Eye Candy and List of Projects ...

I've arranged an actual wargame!! woo-hoo!! that's right, a real, live game against another person no less!!

Friday 28th June (unless something intervenes) will see my first game of "In Her Majesty's Name" against my buddy Andy. At the moment it looks like it will feature Her Majesty's Martian Constabulary against Andy's Chinese Tong (if he gets them painted in time!), but I might get something else finished before then - possibly the French Legations Entreprise des OpĂ©rations SpĂ©ciales (which Google translate tells me is "special operations company" in le frog) or possibly the German Empire's team, we will see. If it is a new company, I'll be sure to post on it here (and the LAF as well)

Andy also informed me that while he has not been wargaming (and that's only about 5 years he claims, not the 12+ that I asserted in my post) he has been busy modelling, as you can see with this British Grenadier he made:

More photos of his rather superb efforts are through this link

Finally for this post, I'm listing the myriad projects that are currently within my butterfly like wargaming attention span as an FYI for you all in no particular order ...
  • 28mm VSF (Ironclad and IHMN)
  • 1/1200th Victorian Science Fiction (Brigade Models; not fixed on rules yet)
  • 15mm Very British Civil War (Peter Pig figures and "A World Aflame" Osprey rules)
  • 40mm Greek Mythological Skirmish (various figs; no rules yet)
  • 28mm Dark Ages (Gripping Beast plastics and SAGA)
  • 6mm Marlborough (Baccus and assorted rules to try)
  • 6mm ACW (Baccus and Cheer, Boys, Cheer!)
and of course, 28mm Zompocalyspe! as well as others we won't go into right now ...  ;)

In other news:
  • Just read the Osprey New Vanguard series books on 'British Airships 1905-30' and 'Zeppelins: German Airships 19??-40'; very informative and inspirational
  • Has anyone been in contact with Vampifan? last I heard he'd had surgery and was recovering .. I emailed him, but have not had a reply ...


  1. Congratulations on arranging a game! We'll expect to hear all about it in due course :-) .

    There is some news of Vampifan on his blog, posted by his brother under the most recent article: . By the sound of it, he's very seriously ill :-( .

    1. You will! and if you're really, really good, there might even be pictures! ;)

      Thanks Colgar, I've just read Michael's update; I hadn't realised he was quite as unwell as his post makes it sound :(

      I hope he continues to recover as well as he seems to be at the moment

  2. Sorry I have heard nothing of Vampifan. but I know we all wish him well.

    The list of projects looks really good.

    1. See Colgar's comment above; Bryan's brother updated on Tue Jun 18, 06:31:00 am BST

      I think daunting is a better word myself!

  3. There's a lot going on in Base camp Nash! I can't say I'm familiar with Marlborough past the cigarettes. Did some searching, has it anything to do with NZ?

    As for Vampifan, it appears to be more serious than we thought at first, there is some limited info on his blog under the comments.

    1. Noooooo!! Not NZ! Duke of Marlborough and the War of Spanish Succession 1701-14 (iirc!). Blenheim, Ramillies, etc.

      It does seem to be :(

  4. Are you trying to compete with Clint for the "Most Ongoing Projects" Award ?
    Good luck with them.

    Having read Bryan's brother Michael's post on Bryans Blog it does seem that I won't be able to visit him for some while now, which is a pi**er
    Still his brother does seem to be updating us as best he can.

  5. Busy busy busy then. Best of luck with the game and have fun mate. I expect pics of juicy moments!

  6. I look forwards to hearing how the game went :)