Tuesday, 16 July 2013

BUSY!, Tankfest 2013 and First IHMN Game ...

To start with - apologies for the extended gap between posts ... it's been really damn busy at work ... I mean really busy ...

Anyway, in the gap since the last post (just over 3 weeks!) other things have been happening ...

On 29th June I took my dad to the 2013 Tankfest at the Bovington Tank Museum - a cracking day which I would recommend for anyone interested in AFVs. I took a few piccies that I'm going to share with you ...

First up is pic of something I'd not seen before; it's a WW1 vintage Lee-Enfield rifle with a side mounted sniper scope that one of the re-enactors had. I've only ever seen top-mounted scopes before, and this was very intriguing. The re-enactor also told me that the British scopes were the worst among the major combatants, with the Germans being the best ...

Next is the replica British MkIV WW1 tank that the museum had recently acquired (IIRC). Apparently it was made for the (relatively) recent film War Horse and then donated to the museum. Virtually hidden behind it, is the replica German A7V; that has been made out of wood and (IMO) is not really very convincing as a result. Still, I feel bound to say, that it's a damn sight better than I could have done, so kudos to the builders of it!
Although I didn't watch the arena displays - spending nearly all my time inside the museum - I did get this photo of the Mk IV trundling it's way around the arena - very impressive!
Then there was this vehicle (I can't remember waht it was though!). I took this pic, as I'd never seen the RAF roundel used as a recognition sign before ... IIRC it was used in Italy (& perhaps elsewhere).  If I ever get anywhere with WW2 figures, I may well use this on some of my vehicles, just to be a bit different!
Here we have a pic of an information board telling you how armoured trains were used in Britain during WW2. I knew that the Soviets and Nazis used armoured trains, but was unaware they had been used in the UK. I took this to remind me - and to keep the info in it - as a possible addition to my 15mm VBCW project (if it ever progresses beyond the undercoated figure stage!). I thought some of you might find it interesting as well (yes you Clint!).
Finally there are two more pics, both for VBCW. First is the information board to the left describing how in 1940 (at the height of the possible invasion period) trucks were armoured with concrete to try and fill the AFV deficiency. Apparently they were so heavy that they were more (slightly!) mobile pillboxes than 'tanks'.
And to the right is a recreation of the vehicle described in the board. I took this for the camouflage pattern and colours, as I plan to try and make (at least) one of these for VBCW (perhaps sponsored by "Jones' Butchers")
My next post will be an AAR of my first game of IHMN which was on 28th June. It featured my company - Her Majesty's Martian Constabulary:
against Andy's "Blue Tortoise Tong":

More on that next time! (which should be less than 3 weeks ... )

In other news:
  • My second game of IHMN is arranged for this coming Friday, and I intend to use a different company -probably "Professor Mek-a'nik and his Metallic Minions", but that may change
  • I've been making slow progress on my Martian terrain; more on that after the upcoming AAR (or two!)


  1. Ah, stop it with Tank fest now! :D
    As for Bison, it really screams VBCW. While most early tanks were mobile pillboxes, this one has an actual concrete bunker on it :D.

    I can't say I'm too interested in victorian martian expeditions myself, but I am curious about your terrain, looking forward to that!

  2. Re the Enfield scope, apparently at one point during the war consideration was given to actually buying German rifle scopes via third parties in Switzerland but in the end the government abandoned the idea.

  3. Bovington is great day out, though it wass pushing it to get to see everything in just one day when I went.
    Looking forward to your IHMN aar.