Friday, 6 September 2013

very small cars and world war z

I watched World War Z last night. While some of the effects were very good (particularly the zeds piling up and the way they blindly ran off rooftops), all-in-all I felt a bit disappointed when it had finished ... No battle of Yonkers or anything similar; in fact, although it's been quite a while since I read the book, nothing really connected the film to the book for me ...

Moving on, I took a chance on ebay not long ago and ordered "100 Model Car Building Train Layout Set N Z Scale 1/200", hoping that they'd fit with 6mm miniatures for my ATZ: Mass Hysteria plans. I am very pleased to say that they do and I'll put some pics of them up soon - honest!


  1. That reminds me I still haven't seen this film yet. Look forward to seeing the cars.

  2. Haven't seen the film either, but will get around to it, for some reason it didn't really excite me despite the great CGI effect.

    Good find with the cars btw.

  3. WWZ was one of the biggest let downs, what a wasted chance to make a zed blockbuster