Monday, 23 September 2013

Willpower?? What's that?

It's been quite a week since my last post ... during which my willpower to resist new "shinies" seems to have evaporated completely :(

Having read a post ( planning-winter-war ) on Steve Blease's blog, I caved in and have backed the Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter.  This conflict is one that I've long wanted to game, so although slightly guilty about the expense (I've gone for the £120 'Border Assault' pledge) I'm happy to have done it.

(This pledge level will give me Finnish and Soviet Platoons and includes access to all stretch-goals - currently upto 19! - and free limited figures.)

Also, on Saturday just gone, I went to Newcastle to attend my younger sister's 40th birthday do (gawd do I feel old ... my little sister is 40!).  Anyway, I decided to visit Wargames Emporium in Sheffield on my way, so browsed their website to see what they had ...

After discovering their Hydra Miniatures' War Rocket pages, and then reading this detailed review of the game, I decided to shell out for the game and some miniatures. Needless to say, I got carried away and bought too much :(

Apart from increasing my lead & resin mountains, I'm still working on the rebasing of my 6mm zombie game figures. Despite what I said in my last post - 6mm-zombies - I've gone for 5 military or police on a base, 6 civilians and 8 zombies. I'll take some pics soon and post them here ...


  1. Shiniatus Strikes again. Nevermind look forward to seeing all the built and painted ;o)

  2. I've always liked the look of War Rocket and the assocuiated 28mm figures myself. Must resist...

  3. Iron willed as always, no wait, that's what you're lacking.

  4. I have also been looking at Hydra miniatures. Resisting so far but every few months I have another look. It is a good job that I don't see them in real life it might tip the balance!

  5. Show me your Shinies grill ! haha good stuff mate, we all get it, at least your honest about it.

  6. I totally understand needing the new shiny stuff! I look forward to seeing it when you are done.

  7. We just can't resist Colin. Remember, if you buy it and paint it right away... it doesn't count mate :)

    1. hmmm that must be where I'm going wrong! Good to have you back Adam